The Art of Video Editing with Any Skill or Budget

video editing

When you look at what makes the movies so amazing and entertaining to watch, how the advertising industry is making leaps in response to the various challenges it has to deal with on a daily basis? And why everything seems so organized and perfect in the multiple internet videos we watch daily? Video editing is … Read more

How to Pick Up a Weather Station for a Small Airport

aviation weather station

For every airport regardless of the size, observing weather changes is a crucial activity to ensure the safety and efficiency of all airport operations. Weather affects almost all central operations in an airport. It includes landing, navigation, and takeoff. Therefore, the weather should be monitored closely and accurately using state-of-the-art weather instruments which are usually … Read more

Why People Still Use Fax Machines?

fax machines

Quite often, it must have crossed our minds, how despite the rapid development in technology, people still hand out their (personal or company’s) fax numbers in their cards. With the rise in the digital mode of transferring data and documents, why would people still depend on fax machines for documents? Every enterprise whether big or … Read more

What is TF Card? How is It Different From Micro SD Card

tf card

Technology has grown enormously huge as a mammoth that we get even confused whether we are controlling them or vice versa. In that scenario, many tech companies, especially, tech manufacturers go on researching and finding new things like storage materials and technological constructions that have become a great marvel of modern life. In this editorial, … Read more

WPS Button on Router: It’s Functions and Uses


What is WPS? The term WPS is used for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a security standard for the wireless network. WPS features can be accessed through the WPS button on the router. The WPS feature tries to establish secure connections between any wireless device with WPS support and a router in a much … Read more

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC to Run iOS Apps


Apple takes a while before launching an iOS but when it does, everyone would want a feel of it. Usually, people aren’t sure of whether they will be comfortable with the interface or not. iOS Emulator helps you to have a feel of how iOS works before making a purchase decision. Shifting from an OS … Read more