How to Find and Hire a Good Software Firm

hire a software firm

It is useful to have knowledge of the software firm to be hired. The following questions are useful in finding a good and reliable firm: where do I find a good firm? In what manner should I sort all the information? And which is the best way to contact a company? For software companies in California, the following step-by-step process is helpful to answer the questions above.

Conduct Research and Contact the Software Firm

This part puts emphasis on a few components of the process:

  1. Come up with a list of software firms
  2. Perform an initial company assessment
  3. Make a shorter list
  4. Contact each firm

#1. Come up with a List of Software Development Firms

In this step, it is better to ask your network for referrals since most of the time, people may serve as a better resource than Google search you can get recommendations as well as personal and professional reviews. To get the recommendations, send emails, or write posts on LinkedIn. Put in mind competitive firms that produce great products then talk to the product people and ask questions. The good thing is, it is free and it is one of the best preliminary steps since people have lists of vendors and are always happy to share. Take search abilities to the next level and perform an advanced Google search query on other software companies in California.

#2. Perform an Initial Company Assessment

When doing an initial company assessment, try to find out whether their website is on point, if the projects are outstanding and if they make industry-leading software. If yes, add the firm to the shortlist but if they miss out on one or two areas, take note and later inquire about it. To track the firms in question, make a spreadsheet, and consider the following factors after browsing their website: work, quality, experience, social and Blog. All these entail not just going for brand names but for the quality, size, and depth of the projects. Search to find whether the firm employs new grads or experienced and competent people if the firm pays attention to details on their site and what type of content they have on the blogs. Go after a reliable company culture of splendid work. Rate the firms out of 10 then sort the results.

#3. Establish Relationships

Start this by looking into existing relationships. They are a great start although it will not mean they are the best partners for the job.  Find out whether they did the actual work or they just wrote a case study on it since most firms might come up with mock case studies for particular clients. Be extra careful when going through the case study and do not assume things.

#4. Examine Lagging and Leading Indicators of Success

Past performance is good for analysis as this can also bring out lagging indicators of success. However, do not focus solely on the firm’s portfolio to gauge the company. In addition, look at the company culture and vision and other factors that fuel quality and consistent work since the digital landscape and software development are dynamic. When all those factors check out, it clearly shows that the firm can retain top talent and it gives a high probability that your project will turn out as a future success story.

#5. Watch Out for Red Flags

When looking for particular details, be careful with your interpretation. Look for complaints, reviews, and lawsuits.

#6. Contact the Software Firm

Before hiring the software firm or reaching out to potential partners, it is important to summarize the project in a proper manner. Ensure its budget, summary, and timeline are enticing before sending the email. Arrange for an in-person meeting or for a Skype call with numerous people at the firm. It is necessary to see the faces and determine if they will be a fit. If possible, have the salesperson bring in design and technical people to the meeting. Right before the meeting call, send over details of the project so that the firm is prepared enough to talk about it.

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