GogoPDF: The Free Web-Tool PDF Splitter You’ll Ever Need


Are you looking for a single website where you can do almost anything you need for your PDF document? Then you are lucky to encounter this article since this will most likely help you with your problem.

Most people are looking for freeware that can do most of the work. Luckily it’s already 2021, and there are a few out there but no doubt, GogoPDF is the real deal for free web-based tools and splitting PDF documents.

Split PDF Documents Using GogoPDF

Do you know how to split a PDF manually? If you have a reader on your computer or laptop, you must copy and paste or re-write each page to create a new document for the chapter or range you needed on the original file. The process itself is time-consuming, and you may make a mistake while doing it.

But, with GogoPDF, you will not go through any of those grueling procedures. All you need to do is upload the document on GogoPDF’s website, select the pages you wanted to extract from the original file, and wait for it to load.

The web-tool will do the magic, and all you need to do is wait for it to be done and download the new document.

GogoPDF has features you may find very useful, such as sharing the newly made PDF file to your social media or downloading it directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

After reading all those explanations on splitting a pdf with GogoPDF, you may realize that it’s a breeze when using the free-web tool.

Yes, but wait, there’s more; GogoPDF has multiple functions or devices you may use when working with PDF files or documents.

Other Functions of GogoPDF

One of the most useful functions that you may use within the free website is the converter tool. If you need to convert the PDF file to another format such as Word, Excel, etc., vice versa, then you may do so.

Just look for the web site’s link to convert the specific file format you wanted. Repair PDF is also available as one of GogoPDF’s web page tools.

In the future, you may need tools such as the Repair PDF if one of your documents is corrupted, it can happen if your file is stored in an ancient flash drive.

The most basic tool you need when working with PDF is viewing and editing, and this feature is included within GogoPDF’s website.

As far as we know, if we are talking PDF file format, mostly it will only let you read the contents of the file. If you need to edit your PDF document, you’ll need a paid program or software.

Another useful tool that GogoPDF has is the sign and security tool. Using this tool will let you put an electronic signature on your PDF file and a watermark on it for copyright claims. The feature will also help you unlock a PDF document with a password that you may have forgotten.

Why Choose GogoPDF as Your Daily Free Web-based Tool?

The most important key feature GogoPDF has is its privacy policy; you won’t have to worry about your PDF documents being compromised since the website deletes your uploaded files after an hour.

Compatibility to all devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones is not a problem. GogoPDF will run to any of your devices, whether you are using a Windows, Mac, or Linux platform.

It will also run on any browsers you have, such as Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

Since you may download the newly created PDF file on any of your devices, it means the website uses a cloud service. It will save some of your computer, tablet, or smartphone’s storage capacity.

If you are in a hurry, the processing speed of the GogoPDF web-tool will not let you down. The processing time will only take about a couple of minutes, and your newly created PDF file will be readily available to download.

Also, the original format and layout of the PDF will be preserved and copied to the new PDF document.


You might still be searching for the best free web-based tool for all of your PDF document jobs. Many free web-based tools are not safe to use online, but with GogoPDF, safety is guaranteed.

A paid version is optional, and it will let you unlock more features; you may consider it in the future if you need more tools and unlimited uses with GogoPDF.