How To Start A Blog – Beginner’s Guide For 2021

start a blog in 2021

Are you planning to start a blog?

Whether you are a business owner or exploring your way into this career, you are at the right place!

You must already know that there are millions of bloggers worldwide who publish in a variety of niches.

It does not mean that you do not stand a chance to reach the top. Plus, it is wrong for you to think that the blogging market is saturated and that it’ll be hard for you to make money.

If you take the right set of actions in building your blogging platform, you cannot just make money out of it but can even notch up a career in blogging.

To make things easier for you, we have designed a step-by-step guide on how you can start a successful blog.

#1. Gather All Necessary Resources

The first way to begin your blogging journey is to have all the necessary resources in your hand, and above all, it is a fast internet connection.

You can get high-end internet from WOW!, and be more efficient in setting up your blog. WOW Customer Service offers around-the-clock consultation to every customer so that they can stay on track without any disturbance.

#2. Pick a Perfect Niche

The next step to go in the right direction of setting up a blog is to select your niche.

Whether you are interested in or have more relevant expertise in marketing, traveling, cooking, decor, or even parenting blog, anything can work.

Make sure to select the niche that intersects with your passion and interest so that it is easier for you to stay consistent with creating relevant content.

Additionally, you must have a certain level of experience so that the information you forward through your blog is legitimate.

#3. Construct an Attractive Domain Name

Once you have selected the blog’s niche, the second most important thing is to choose your domain name.

In the early days, it was easier to select a niche-specific domain name. However, now as the number of websites is increasing it is getting tougher for you to be more specific.

You can turn this difficulty into your opportunity by selecting a domain name that covers a broader perspective and allows you to pivot when necessary.

Come up with new ideas and visit the domain name search section of and see if it is available. You can tweak the construction and ensure that it stays attractive.

#4. Choose a Hosting Platform

After selecting a domain name for your website, you must know that hosting is required for almost every website that is formed for the sake of earning money.

A web host allows the website to be stored on a server so that the audience can access it online.

If you will not host your site, it will not be visible on the search engines and won’t be on the internet.

#5. Select the Right Blogging Platform

Before selecting the blogging platform you must understand that every platform has its pros and cons. If you are looking for something robust that we recommend you to select WordPress.

WordPress has the largest number of blogging platforms in the US with a total of 8,864,429 websites. They offer both free and paid platform setups for the blogs.

They offer various ways to expand your blogging horizon as they have multiple free plugins to install. They also render a variety of theme options and the best part is that you don’t even have to know to code.

#6. Manage Your Blog’s SEO

When it comes to starting a blog it is not only the platform that you choose. You have to make sure that the way you are uploading your content is also up to the mark, especially in terms of SEO.

It is important that right from the start, you focus on the factors that will help you in your ranking. One of the most important aspects that usually bloggers tend to overlook is the URL.

When you upload a post or a page you have the leverage to customize the URL text after dot com. This part of the URL is known as “permalink” which is a default set to your postID.

This puts a negative effect on your SEO and you can change it by going on Settings à Permalink. You must set it to either Post Name or Custom. Moreover, you have to focus the text of the permalink on the primary keyword of that post or page.

How to Start a Blog: FAQs

Here are a few essential questions that might come into every blogger’s mind.

#1. How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog?

The expense on your blogging platform may vary upon the kind of blog you want to set up. If you are not looking for a site to earn from in the future then you can go for free by creating a blog on

However, if you have a goal to expand the blog and earn from it then you will have to set a domain and hosting which will give you the expense of around $50 per annum.

#2. How Do I Get Readers to My Blog?

If you want your target audience to read your blog more often, then you must focus on creating valuable content. Readers are interested in platforms that offer them additional information and render insights that are reliable and unique.

Few more things that you must keep in mind while creating an attractive blog are:

  • Make sure your blog design is user-friendly and goal-driven.
  • Allow your headlines to be catchy and compelling.
  • Be consistent in publishing blogs.
  • Extend your blog promotion on social media.
  • Place call-to-action (CTA) buttons and forms to allow your readers to participate.
  • Enable yourself to opt for a conversational tone.

Use the points mentioned above to optimize your blogging experience and attract your readers to the platform.

#3. How to Make Money Blogging?

If you are new to the blogging industry it might take a little time for you to build some inflow of money however, you can indulge yourself in offering coach and consulting services to earn money in the beginning.

Once the traffic is starting to flow on your blog you can also make some money through affiliate marketing, advertisements, sponsored posts, product selling, and so on.

To Summarize

Now you know that learning how to start a blog is not rocket science, you can work your way through building a successful platform for yourself.

But always keep in mind that before you start, you must have a strong strategy in your hand so that you can convert it into a money-making business.