How ICO Converter Helps to Convert PNG File into ICO

ico converter

The ICO converter is a good tool to create favicons. A favicon has an ICO format and is created from different image formats. For instance, if you have an image in the PNG or JPG format, you can create an ICO file from it. This tool is very simple to use and a lot of webmasters use it. These days, anything that improves the overall appeal of the brand is important. The competition between brands is intense and each one of them tries a different strategy to get an upper hand. Prepostseo ICO converter tool is so helpful for web professionals to effectively convert any of their desired PNG files to ICO.

Purpose and Use of a Favicon

Can a brand generate revenue without having customers? It is very obvious that this cannot happen. If you do not have customers, there would be no one to buy your products. These days, customers have numerous options available for buying things online. If they feel that one brand is not up to the mark, they opt for an alternative without thinking a lot. Thus, it can be said that the competition between brands is quite stringent.

A favicon is a small image that is present on the browser tab. This image is specific to the brand. A customer views this image until the tab is opened. If you have multiple tabs and only one or two of them have an image, you would be able to remember them easily. If you have a habit of making bookmarks for frequently visited websites, a bookmark with a favicon would be easier to identify.

The ICO Converter and Steps Used

ICO converters are online tools and no installations are needed to use them. All you need to do is open the link and follow the steps given below.

#1. Selection of Correct Image File

The role of a favicon is very different from a company logo or brand image. A company logo is viewed with large dimensions on the website, social media, or other platforms. This is not the case with a favicon. A favicon is a small-sized image on the browser tab and the image selected for this purpose matters a lot. It should be as clear as possible. Images with complex layouts, embedded graphics, or other complicated designs should be avoided because the size is too small. Hence, the simpler the image, the easier it would be for users to view it. Along with that, images with text should be avoided because this reduces the clarity level.

#2. The Image Background Should not be as the Browser Tab

A favicon should not appear a part of the browser tab. This happens when the image background is of the same color as the browser tab. For instance, if the selected image has a light grey background and the browser tab has the same color, the favicon image would blend with the browser tab background. This would actually reduce the impact of the favicon. In other words, it would not appear as a separate entity and the customer would not notice it that much.

#3. The Conversion Step

Once you have selected the appropriate image file in PNG or JPG format, you can move towards the conversion process. The ICO converter tool is quick and the conversion process gets completed in a short while. However, while downloading, make sure that the ICO file is saved in the correct file in the root directory of the website. If the folder is not correct, the favicon would not be viewed. Hence, this step should be executed properly. In an overall manner, getting the ICO file is a simple process.

Why is the ICO Converter Tool so Important?

Creating a brand and running it successfully is two very different things. A lot of brands have to close down because they fail to get enough customers. This happens when the branding strategy is not up to the mark and lacks impact. Here are some key reasons why the ICO tool is so important.

Strong Impact in the Mind of the Buyer

Most customers search for brands that they remember. Consider an example. If you have a brand and the website has a favicon, the image on the browser tab would be viewed by the customer for as long as the tab is opened. A major percentage of websites do not have favicons. Hence, the ones which have to get noticed easily and stand out as well. If a user has ten tabs opened and only your website has a favicon, it would be much easier for the customer to remember your brand.

Convenient Switching Between Tabs

Most of us handle more than one task at the same time. Thus, we have multiple tabs open at the same time. If only one tab has a favicon out of 6 tabs, it would be much easier to recognize the one which has it. If you need to switch between tabs, you would not have to click each tab and check the website. In an overall manner, it can be said that if a website has a favicon, it becomes easier for the user to recognize it.


Running an online business with the best results is all about pitching the products properly. Even before that, the potential buyers should be able to remember your brand. This would only happen if it stands out and appears different than the competitors. The use of a favicon is a smart step for the achievement of this goal. A favicon is a small image appearing on the browser tab. If you see most websites, it would be quite apparent that most websites do not have a favicon. Thus, if a website has a favicon, it becomes easier for the customer to remember it.

The best strategy is that a simple image should be selected for a favicon. Do not pick options with complicated designs. Along with that, images with text are not the best alternatives. They have a negative impact on the clarity level of the image.

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