Importance of Grammar in Written Communication

importance of grammar

No matter whether you are looking for a new job or are marketing a new product or need to do a written communication it is very essential to write correct grammar. Writing correct grammar and punctuation shows you to be intelligent, educated, and professional. Poor grammar will certainly detract your the image that you are willing to portray. Many companies also fire their employees due to typos and grammatical mistakes in important written communication. Apart from that, when a person submits a resume with grammatical or punctuation errors it may look less professional or less educated, and thus your chance of getting the job minimizes. That is the reason why it is essential to go for a Grammarlookup punctuation check after you have completed your writing.

Some Important Rules of Punctuation and Grammar

The following are some essential rule of grammar that you need to maintain while you do any type of written communication:

#1. Proper use of Comma

The comma may be a small mark but it has a lot of jobs to do. The comma is used in sentences that combine more than one sentence or idea into one. Again you should use a comma when you are addressing the person whom you are talking with. It is also used when you need to add coordinating adjectives. For example, in the sentence ‘the fast, sly fox’ both fast and sly modify fox, and hence a comma should be used. But in the sentence ‘the shy little boy’ no comma should be used.

#2. Subject-Verb Agreement

It is very essential to make sure that the subjects and verbs must agree in number. The rule is with a plural subject you should put a plural verb and vice versa. Though it seems easy, sometimes it becomes very tricky when the subject does not come prior to the verb.           

#3. Pronoun or Antecedent Agreement

An antecedent is a word that a pronoun replaces. In the sentence – Ram is going to the market since he is out of sugar. In this sentence ‘he’ is used as a pronoun that replaces the noun Ram. Again it is highly important that the pronoun and antecedent agree in number and agreement.

#4. Homophones

Homophones are those words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Apart from that, those words also have different meanings. For example, the words ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ sound the same but are spell differently and have a different meaning. Again the word ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’ also sound the same but are spell differently and have a different meaning.

How can You Correct the Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes in Your Writing?

There are a few people who use to write correctly without any grammatical or punctuation mistakes. It is not a big deal to make mistakes but you need to correct them before you finally submit them to your client or publish it. You should correct the mistakes using grammar and punctuation.

It is certainly very easy to use grammar and punctuation checking tools. All that you need to do is to copy the writing and paste them in the text area that is provided by the grammar and punctuation checking tool. Apart from that, you can also upload the document in the tool but there are some limitations in the tool due to which you may not able to check the grammar and punctuation mistakes in one go as most of the tool allows you to check only 1000 words at a time. Hence, if your document is more than 1000 words you must check it several times.

Another best thing about this tool is that you can switch between American English and British English. Apart from check grammar and punctuation, this type of tool can also help you to improve your writing as well. Whenever the tool found any mistakes it underlines the word in the document and provides you some suggestions to correct the errors. However, it is up to the writer whether to accept the suggestion or not. If they find that the suggestion provided by the tool is not suitable they can skip or dismiss the suggestion.