Making the Most out of a Macbook While Working From Home

working on macbook

The Coronavirus has affected a lot of people, and some have been stuck working at home. It is not necessarily the worst thing. In fact, there are those who welcome this opportunity to get away from a regular job at the office.

Working from home has its advantages. Nevertheless, struggling with time planning is quite common as it is often difficult to concentrate when you are working in an environment that is also meant for relaxing and socializing with family.

You will have to emphasize efficiency. Say that you own a Macbook. The computer ought to be the most important tool when you do the job. So how can you address the issue of working at home and being more efficient? The tips below should be of great use.

#1. Eliminate Spinning Wheel

If you have been using a Mac for a while, you should have noticed a rainbow-shaped spinning circle that pops now and then.

Some people have even called this the spinning wheel of death. The name is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is understandable where it comes from.

The circle can become a problem if it starts to appear frequently and persists instead of disappearing after a second. This happens for a number of reasons, though a lack of memory space is one of the main causes.

This original post by MacPaw perfectly explains how to deal with the spinning rainbow circle. The idea is pretty simple. If you continue to experience the issue, it will only get worse as time passes, making work harder.

#2. Declutter Desktop

Many users have a habit of keeping everything on the desktop of the computer. It is easier to access the data as you need only one or two mouse clicks.

However, the people who clutter their desktops do not realize what it does to the overall performance of the Macbook. Every icon is rendered when you switch between the desktop and another window. Keep things organized and transfer the files to another location of the Mac.

If you are looking for other ways to improve the speed of the Macbook, scan for viruses and malware, clean dust and dirt inside, turn off visual effects, free up disk space, and keep the system up to date.

#3. Disable Notifications

Notifications disrupt the flow of work. You ought to disable them not just on a Macbook but other devices, like a smartphone or tablet if you own it.

Notifications are another type of distraction, and you would be better off not having it around in the first place. Go to the system settings and tinker with them so that you are not bombarded with disruptive messages from the system itself or the applications that you have installed.

#4. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are one of those things that can improve overall efficiency. Learning them naturally comes with time, but you can take a proactive approach and read about all the available shortcuts on an official Apple website.

In addition, there is also an option to create custom shortcuts for applications that you use. Take that as an opportunity to become even more efficient at your work.

#5. Listen to Music

Listening to music while working has a lot of benefits. Some say that it is akin to when you are working out. It makes time fly faster and gives you motivation. Listening to music is also a good way to brighten your mood and get into work even more. Moreover, some studies found that certain people find it easier to focus when they listen to music or have background noise.

#6. Set Ground Rules with Others

If someone else is living with you, make sure that you set ground rules. There should be time for work and time for everything else. You do not want to get distracted during working hours.

Dedicating a space for work is also a good piece of advice as you will have an easier time focusing. While Macbooks are light and you can take them together with you or work with a Mac while it is on a lap, you should still find a place instead of roaming the home throughout the day.

#7. Plan Your Schedule 

Planning time can be tough, even if you manage to avoid distractions. Thankfully, there are various applications that will work as your schedule planner. Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Do not forget to take breaks because the fatigue can get out of hand quickly. Regular exercises should also be part of your routine. Finally, creating a reward system will give you motivation as you will have something to look forward to after finishing the work.