Seven SEO Company Trends to Accomplish With Status Labs

SEO Company Trends

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get more traffic for your business with a higher positioning on the SERP. But the process doesn’t happen overnight. To get excellent results, you need the help of a professional SEO company like Status Labs. Here are seven trends that you need for your company to be successful with SEO:

Local SEO

While this isn’t the newest trend, the rise of the mobile market has made it prominent. It’s vital for businesses on the first SERP page, those geo-targeted for appreciable traffic, and in Google’s local pack.

The majority of people online don’t move to the second page. With the rise to the search engine’s high visibility spot, you need to build credibility with your community and link your business with a location.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO methods assist with boosting your internet positioning and onsite website SEO. Business owners comprehend that Google reviews are the spearheading force for their businesses.

The amount of quality reviews is a vital conversion element for the user. It’s crucial for people browsing the web and those physically visiting your business. Always encourage your clients to leave reviews, as this will ensure that you receive more feedback for your business.

Long-Tail Keywords

Most business owners aren’t aware of the importance of keywords and how keyword search length makes or breaks SEO strategies. A long-tail keyword comes in handy when narrowing down your search. Thus, it would help if you distinguished the long-tail keyword that will benefit your business.

Long-tail keywords bring about many users search for because it’s how most people type. You can use the relevant tool for getting the right keywords. You can reach out to an expert SEO company for more help.

Mobile-First Indexing

A mobile-friendly website is needed for your business to excel. By looking at the statistics, almost half of all internet site traffic comes from mobile devices, and that figure keeps rising. Besides, Google confirmed a shift in its algorithm to mobile-first indexing.

Due to this approach, Google positions the websites that excellently perform on mobile devices. Any website that’s not scalable to mobile gadgets will have low readability, poor navigation, and slow page loading speeds.

Keyword Trees

As time goes by, the Google algorithm continues to become smarter. You can hide or stuff keywords as background “whited out text.” Currently, Google doesn’t crawl one keyword but analyzes the conjunction keyword within the text.

Google algorithms have gotten smart in getting in-depth, rich content, which also benefits SEO experts. SEO company experts should currently focus on facilitating users, as opposed to finding ways to go around the system.

Featured Snippets and Structured Data

Google has brought excellent ways to show search engine results. Business owners should ensure that their products deliver on the top results, and it’s for this reason that they should optimize their substance.

Google currently offers and picks the best format to boost your content. With this in mind, you can effortlessly structure your data that bolsters the rich snippets. 

Voice Search

With most people using mobile phones, voice search optimization has become familiar and among the latest SEO trends. Searching for voices is thus the newest way for data interface. This is the fastest form, and search engines have heavily invested in the same.

As more devices become reliant on voice, owners of websites are walking to the search type’s significance. Digital marketers should thus appreciate the importance of embracing new trends to remain updated.

Bottom Line on SEO Company Trends

If you’re facing any challenges in your business, you can reach out to Status Labs. The team of experts will guide you and engage the most effective plan while keeping your business in mind.

Working with experts ensures that you receive the needed results to boost the growth of your business. Status Labs was established with the continued objective to help institutions, companies, and individuals enhance their online reputations through PR strategies, SEO, and expert digital consulting.


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