Small Business Tech Tips You Need to Know

small business tech tips

If you identify as a small business, technology is essential to your survival.

In today’s industries – from healthcare to entertainment – there’s an oversaturation of competitors. This doesn’t make life easy for small businesses, especially when larger companies have better resources.

However, through using the following tech tips, you can give your small business a major boost and ensure that you make your future a bright one.

Ready to begin? Let’s go.

Use Microsoft Teams

Right now, the business world is all about virtual collaboration.

Millions of employees are working remotely from home; meaning teams must communicate via voice and video chat so that they can successfully complete projects and remain on the same page.

To do this, though, you will need a collaboration tool: and Microsoft Teams is the answer.

Microsoft Teams allows employees to work on the go, share files, edit documents, share their screens, and a whole lot more. Essentially, it has everything that you and your team need to prosper.

If you’ve never used Microsoft Teams before and feel like you will need some help, make sure to use Microsoft teams services.

Optimize Your Website

The next tip is an important one: optimize your website.

To optimize a website means to make it better and more user-friendly. Basically, if your current website consists of a dated layout and blocks of text, you’re in trouble!

Here are some ways to optimize your small business website:

  • Include high-quality backlinks to relevant websites in your industry (for example, if you’re a healthcare business, the backlinks you post should be transport users to other healthcare guides and blogs)
  • Make sure the content you post is valuable (this way, it will get shared by users)
  • Conduct keyword research for your industry and sprinkle these keywords throughout your website

Once your website is optimized, it will shoot up the search ranking results and drive more consumer traffic your way.

Also, it’s worth consulting with a web design expert who will be able to make your website mobile-friendly.

Remember, a lot of modern consumers browse business websites on their phones. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to lose out on sales: fact.

Use the Cloud for Remote Work

If you want to allow your employees to work from home, you will need to use cloud technology (which means internet-based technology).

As mentioned above, Microsoft Teams is a good example of this. However, you can also use other cloud technology too.

If you have a lot of customer service representatives who will be working remotely, then they’ll need to use a VoIP phone system. This will allow them to make and receive calls from home using their own internet connections.

Be Active on Social Media

Next, you need to be active on social media.

The key is to post interesting and engaging social media content. This will increase your followers and drive your sales upwards.

Also, you should use social media platforms like Facebook as the opportunity to provide customer service. By doing this, it will grow your appeal to modern customers.

Have a Sales App

Are your employees constantly out on the road to close deals with clients? If so, you should equip them with tablets and a sales app. This way, they will be able to impress clients in person and increase the chances of getting contracts signed.