Why Introducing Technology Into Your Home Will Save You Money

technology into your home

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that new technology will just cost you more and more money. One look at the eye-watering costs of some of the latest gadgets might make you wish we could hark back to a simpler time. But did you know there are gadgets out there that can actually save you money on everyday costs in the home? Most of these will empty the pockets up-front but will save you cash over time. Here are a few examples…

Smart Plugs

These plug into your normal sockets and you’ll be able to control any device that you plug into these from your smartphone. This means that if you’ve forgotten to switch something off, you can do so remotely and save on electricity. And some models can even set automated schedules to make things even more efficient.

Smart Thermostat

If your heating bills are worryingly high, then you might find one of these something of a godsend. They let you take more control by allowing you to adjust the temperature in every room. If you’re not using a particular room, you won’t need to heat it, and these thermostats offer that flexibility by working with your boiler to ensure no more heat is emitted than is needed.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

With these new energy-saving bulbs you can control the lighting in your home using your smartphone. Not only does that mean you can switch lights off remotely if you’ve left them on by accident, but also control the brightness of the light to make the bulbs even more eco-friendly.

Thermal Leak Detector

These are a great purchase because they show you where your house is losing heat. You’ll be able to monitor windows, doors, walls and the roof to determine where you need to add insulation (or block off a crack) to save on energy bills. The detector will also show if your fridge or freezer is working efficiently.

Boiling Tap

This keeps water constantly at boiling point (or almost boiling point), so you don’t waste energy by boiling the kettle several times a day. And let’s face it – how often do you heat water in a kettle only to use a fraction of what you’ve just boiled?

As technology gets smarter and smarter, the savings you make on creating a more energy-efficient home will increase. Perhaps it’s time you delved into the world of money-saving tech and watch your bills go down.