How to Strike a Balance Between Remote Working and Office Life

remote working

Remote working has become the norm for many people across the world. And while it has been a huge benefit to some, others have certainly missed being in and around the hustle and bustle of the office environment.

Whether you’ve been struggling with remote working in the long term or have been enjoying it, what can companies do to strike the perfect balance between employees working from home and being back in the office?

What’s the Overall Attitude of Employees

With more and more of the workforce being made up by Millennials and Gen Z, there’s no wonder that more and more want to move towards a more flexible working pattern. There are many benefits to working from home and thanks to the digital revolution and the introduction of IoT more widely, it’s become much easier to set up an office in our dining room, living room, or bedroom.

What if Employees aren’t Comfortable with Heading Back to the Office?

If you’re finding that people aren’t comfortable with heading back into the office, this could be because they haven’t been vaccinated or have suffered from increased anxiety since working from home, then provide them with ways to help make the transition. This could be something as simple as only allowing a small number of people back into the office at any one time, or organising team social events to make everyone feel more at ease.

What about Those Who Have Just Started in a Business?

During the pandemic, you may have also hired a number of new employees who will have started off remotely. These people will have never met your existing teams or even seen the office space. This can equally cause feelings of anxiety and stress, so it’s important to make employees know that there’s the option for them to be eased in slowly.

They may also be nervous about the commute too. Whether they’re hopping on a Wakefield to Doncaster train or getting on the tube to Oxford Street, why not consider pairing them with a travel buddy who lives close by to make their first few journeys as stress-free as possible. There’s nothing worse than traveling by yourself not knowing where you’re final destination is!