Rocket League Easter Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

rocket league easter eggs game

Easter eggs are now a staple of video games. The first known easter egg in gaming is generally attributed to 1973’s Moonlander. In that game, players could uncover a pixelated McDonald’s outlet if they stuck the landing just right. Easter eggs in video gaming have come a long way since. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to … Read more

Best Online Games and Apps to Play with Your Friends

online games

The technology that provides annoying virtual meetings is the same that gives us what we love the most, online gaming with friends. During this pandemic, the Covid-19, online gaming is the best way of hanging out with your pals. You get to reconnect with them virtually without spending the money you could have used for … Read more

7 Essential Tips to Improve at Halo Infinite Game

halo infinite game

We’re all waiting for the release of Halo Infinite. The company has been postponing it for some time now. The supporters are wailing, but there’s an anticipation that it might happen within the fall season of 2021. This means that Halo fans can expect the release between September ending to December. While we wait for … Read more

An Ideal Gaming Setup Idea: Get the Budget-friendly Gaming Peripherals

get ideal gaming setup

Do you spend a considerable amount of time playing top-rated online games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offence? Or, looking for suitable gaming accessories that can enhance the chances of winning against the opponent team? Then, you should definitely think about making significant changes in the current gaming arrangement.  Without having the required gaming tools, it’s … Read more

Top 5 Nintendo Games Ever Made

top 5 nintendo games

Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889. It used to produce handcrafted Hanafuda playing cards at that time. Nintendo released its first video game console in 1977. It was the Color TV-Game that gained huge popularity across the globe. They invested more in gaming technology creating Nintendo games and brought the Nintendo Entertainment System … Read more