Best Online Games and Apps to Play with Your Friends

Last Updated on June 15, 2021 by ScreenPush

The technology that provides annoying virtual meetings is the same that gives us what we love the most, online gaming with friends. During this pandemic, the Covid-19, online gaming is the best way of hanging out with your pals. You get to reconnect with them virtually without spending the money you could have used for transport. You get to remain social using an antisocial method, ironic, right? In the world today, friends know that your thoughts are with them without having to text or call them. Below is a list by 123Homework ranging from free to downloadable online games that suit social gaming.

#1. Among Us

It is a game people play with total strangers, but it can get even more fun when you deceive your loved ones. You and your friends can visit with friends the online pokies to win rewards and play for real cash. You can also engage in multiplayer mode when using your computer or on your mobile phone. When using the phones, you can play this game anywhere. It frees your mind from the hustle of the day. How do you get about it? The game host can be anyone, so the host creates the gameboard, laying down the gameboard, imposters, number of players, and other settings in the game. After that, the host shares the access code with friends who then log in. They then act Suspicious and Suspect, SUS.

#2. Mario Kart Tour

The game is fun, but not that Friday night kind of game. You can play this game with friends as you binge-watch Netflix. In this game, first, you must clear some levels before unlocking the multiplayer option where you can play with friends. The game is excellent to pass the time during this pandemic.

#3. UNO!

You can engage your friends in this game instead of blowing their phones with texts, asking them how they are doing. Hit them with the skip combo or Draw 4. The game is simple to play and requires less to set up.

#4. Tabletopia

Are you missing game nights with your friends? Worry no more because Tabletopia will allow you to play your favorite games like Scythe, Wingspan, Clans of Caledonia, and many more. There are also classic games like backgammon, poker, and chess. The platform also allows you to test and play games that you create. To connect with your pals, you either set up or join an existing open seat with other people. It is not like the actual table game but helps avoid tumbling off the tables, which often ruins many games.

#5. Life

An update from 2017 makes the 1960 classic game more interesting as it gives the option of getting pets in children’s place. When you play this game with friends, you get to fantasize about different scenarios your lives can take if you follow specific actions. The game involves racing to the finish line as one tries to be a millionaire. The shortcoming of the game, not having a spinner wheel to spin, is countered with the high-quality graphics.

#6. Clue

Do you consider this among the best board games? Let’s find out. It is a multiplayer game where you and your friends rush in solving a murder. The murder takes place at Tudor Mansion, where Mr. Boddy is the victim. You use little toy weapons, but if you feel the theme does not suit your taste, you can always play solo or change the theme.

#7. Sky: Children of the Light

The game became the application of the year back in 2019. The game developers call it “social adventure,” where you, together with your pals, work on puzzles. The puzzles involve finding lost stars then returning them to their correct constellations. The game has challenging gameplay with great graphics.

#8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The game is available only on Nintendo Switch, limiting you to playing it with friends with the same console as you. The game requires you to transform a deserted island into a personal paradise. The game places you to live among anthropomorphized creatures.

Until the pandemic dies, we are bound to avoid unnecessary meetings with friends. Gaming is a great way to continue the relationships without putting each other at risk of contracting the Corona Virus. So stay safe and practice online games.