10 Gaming Essentials You Need to Improve Your Performance

Last Updated on June 14, 2021 by ScreenPush

One of the most important things that make for a better gaming experience is your gaming setup. Whether you have held the controller for the first time or look forward to making a living out of your hobby, gaming needs practice as well as a nice setup.

If you are going to live stream your games on online platforms such as Twitch, you are going to need a few extra essentials.

10 Essentials for Best Gaming Setup

The online gaming industry is flourishing rapidly. You need to have the latest technology and gaming gears to keep your performance on point. Here are 10 must-have things you need for the perfect gaming setup.

#1. Wireless Mouse

The first thing you need is a wireless mouse. It is essential for pacing it up and get an edge over your competitors. A wireless mouse will let you practice at a higher speed. Also, it has more features and controls than a regular mouse which is essential for improving your performance.

#2. Wired Connection

If you usually stream over a wifi connection, you should switch to an ethernet connection. If other people in your area have the same internet provider as you, the wifi speed would be slow. And if there is an issue with the router, you will have to deal with a connectivity error.

A slow wifi connection doesn’t make for a good gaming experience. An ethernet connection has much fewer network latency problems than wifi.

#3. Ultrawide 4k Monitor

An ultrawide monitor gives you a wider view of your surroundings so that you don’t have to pan around. These types of monitors are best to be used for first-person games where you can’t see your own avatar.

You can also do a setup with triple monitors where the screens on the left and right could be cheaper as they are only for the purpose of expanding your view. However, an ultrawide monitor means exposure to more blue light and more eye health problems which brings us to our next gaming essential.

#4. Protective Eyewear

Gaming needs practice throughout the day. Most pro gamers spend countless hours locked up in a dark room sitting in front of their 4K monitors and honing their skills.

Gaming is a visually demanding activity. And when you do it for hours non-stop, it can make your eyes feel tired. While you can’t give your eyes rest when you are in the middle of an intense match, you can protect them from all that screen exposure.

Wear blue light blocking glasses that filter out the blue light coming off your gaming screens. They will help your eyes feel refreshed for a longer period of time so you can practice all you want.

#5. Gaming Keyboard

You can surely make do with your regular keyboard but having a gaming keyboard gets the added bonus of extra functions and a pleasant typing experience.

These mechanical gaming keyboards register key impressions much faster than regular keyboards. Although it can cost you a few more pounds, the experience is worth the money.

#6. Gaming Headset

If you are playing in a group, you need better coordination and communication with your peers to take down your enemies. Gaming headsets are designed for giving you the best sound clarity so you hear every sound in the highest definition.

#7. Blue Screen Filters

Use a good blue light filter application so your eyes are not dealing with loads of blue light. Use something like f.lux or Redshift to make your screens free from blue light.

However, these programs won’t completely eradicate the blue light from your display screen. You still need to wear spectacles with a blue light coating to give the best protection to your eyes.

#8. Gaming Chair

Playing video games is going to have you sitting in the same place probably for hours. You need a comfortable chair so you don’t hurt your back by sitting for long hours.

Gaming chairs are comfortable and high enough so that they can support your back as well. Invest in a good-quality gaming chair that keeps you away from neck and back problems.

#9. Webcam

You can’t do live streaming of your game without a good webcam. The camera should be of high quality so your audience can see you and your gaming screen. Many pro gamers earn a huge sum of money by live-streaming their gaming videos on platforms such as YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

#10. High-quality Speakers

If you don’t use gaming headsets, use high-quality speakers to enjoy the soundtracks and clear dialogue. The best part about these speakers is that they can help you locate the enemies by their sound even when you are not able to see them.

These are the most essential gaming gears that will enhance your gaming experience. Make sure you have these for a proper gaming setup. Buy blue light glasses or add this filter on your prescription glasses so your eyes cooperate during those long gaming sessions.

Upgrading your setup is not an expense but an investment that will pay you big time in the future. Even when you are gaming just for a hobby, these essentials will make the entire experience more pleasant.