Best Video Editing Software for Gamers (Free)

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Passionate gamers love creating gaming videos to showcase their virtual gaming skills. Many gamers have YouTube channels, where gaming videos can be uploaded. Videos uploaded on YouTube can be monetized to avail of steady income. Before uploading the videos to the YouTube channel and other video-sharing platforms, it is always important to edit the video. Since gaming videos do not need heavy editing, gamers can get redirected here for video editing options.

9 Best Free Video Editing Software for Gaming

With a free tool, one can avail of basic video editing features. So, what are the best free video editing tools? A list of the tools has been created in the following section of this article.

#1. Hitfilm Express

If you are searching for a free and robust tool for video editing, Hitfilm Express can be an excellent option. From video editing to composing, you can use this software for multiple purposes. It can stack an unlimited number of videos and audio on a queue. The VFX features of this tool also look impressive.

With Hitfilm Express, you can avail of advanced keyframing features. You can also easily adjust the temporal and spatial interpolation. For creating animated videos, this tool can be used by even professional animators.

#2. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is not only free but also an open-source video editor tool. The major features of this tool include a customizable interface, automatic backups, multi-track editing, etc. For creating gaming videos, this tool gives all the support that you need. The most highlighting thing about this tool is that it offers multiple tracks for editing.

One can also avail of proxy editing features with this tool. The only drawback is that you have only a small number of choices for adding video transition effects. However, video editors do not need many types of video transition effects for gaming videos.

#3. Shotcut

You could be a pro-level gamer, but video editing may not be your forte. If you are new to video editing, you need to start with the tools that are convenient for beginners. Shotcut is such a tool. How to create a video for your YouTube gaming channel? This video editing tool could be the answer for you. This cross-platform video editor tool comes with multiple codecs support. In other words, you can create videos in different formats for different platforms. Many free editing tools add watermarks to the final videos, which ends up creating a mess. With Shotcut, you do not have to face this issue. The tool keeps updating. Hence, video editors obtain new and interesting features from time to time.

#4. AVS Video Editor

For creating gaming videos for YouTube or other video-sharing platforms, you can use AVS video editor. You have many options as an editor when working with this tool. You can remove the original audio if the audio is noisy. In place of the original audio, you can use other audio files. It supports audio file formats like WMV, AVI, MKV, 3GP, FLV, etc. There are many video filters to add special effects to the video. You also have advanced color correction options. The best thing is that you can create HD-quality videos using this tool.

#5. Lighthouse

If you have basic knowledge of video editing, Lighthouse is the best tool for you. This video editing tool is recommended for professional editors. Though a free editing tool, it comes with many exciting ranges of features. The tool gives you DNxHD codec support. Lighthouse is a free tool, though it has a premium version. Since it has a premium version, the free version comes with limited features. This is the major drawback of this video editing tool. Once you switch to the premium version, you shall be able to avail all the features and facilities of the tool.

#6. iMovie

If you are using an Apple desktop or laptop, iMovie is the app for you for editing your game videos. The application offers useful and innovative video editor tools. There are many choices of video filters. You shall also get ample special effects for your videos. The major features of this free video editing tool are 4K video support, seamless media organization, etc. The only drawback is that the tool would slow down your system if the system is old. If you are using the latest Apple device with the latest Mac operating system, you shall not find any hassles in using this tool.

#7. Olive

Olive is a growing popular platform for video editing. You can use the tool for different video editing purposes, including editing gaming videos. With this tool, you can easily cut or trim your videos. There are plenty of transition effects. New effects are gradually being added to the video editor tool. Hence, you can add unique transition effects to your videos with this tool. The User Interface (UI) of this video editing tool is standard and user-friendly. Judging all these aspects, it has to be stated that Olive is a fantastic video editing tool for gamers.

#8. Blender

Blender is an advanced video editing tool that comes with many features similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. Blender Video Sequence Editor comes with many unique features. You can use this tool to create unique video introductions for your gaming videos. A lot of free video editing tools are there for gamers. But, this video editor tool is known as an exceptional intro maker.

#9. Cameo

For video editing, Cameo is another good tool. You can use this tool for your handheld iOS device. All you need is to go to the Apple Store to find this app. Download and install the app to start your gaming video editing process. It comes with many options such as video intros, soundtracks, etc. You shall get many filters and effects too. As a beginner, you shall find excellent convenience in using this tool. Some of the major advantages of this tool are the user-friendly interface, many video effects, etc. For processing a large file, it may take a long time. Apart from this, there are no major drawbacks to this video editor tool.


Videos have increasingly been becoming an excellent marketing tool. If used correctly, they can easily increase traffic on your website or channel. Use great video editing tools to make captivating videos and be on top of your game.

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