G Suite for Your Business Application from MilesWeb

Are you searching for one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly email, cloud storage, productivity tools, calendars, and other web-based solutions? Is it necessary for your company or group to collaborate using a single, consistent experience? Do you hear folks gushing about how wonderful Google’s goods are? Do you ever wonder about something?

What is G Suite/Google Workspace?

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is Google’s solution to a variety of productivity issues that most businesses and organizations face.

Your Google Workspace account includes 30GB of Google Drive storage per user and Gmail on your selected domain. You’ll also receive access to several useful Google tools with G Suite Partner, including Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Meets, virtual conferencing, cloud storage, Chats, and much more.

Google Workspace for Work provides you with a professional email address, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, and other features. Collaboration is simple and efficient with Google Apps. You’ll be able to exchange spreadsheets and documents, hold video conferences using Meets, and utilize Chats for instant chat. You may also share calendars with others, making it easier to schedule meetings.

What a Google Workplace or G Suite includes?


With Google’s help, you can create a professional business email. Custom email addresses, up to 30GB of storage, offline support, and more are all available.


With Google Drive, you can save and organize your essential files in the cloud, share them, and view them from anywhere at any time.


With G Suite’s calendar, you can easily arrange meetings. You may also share the calendar with others, create meeting reminders, and much more.


With G Suit’s Sheets option, you can create, maintain, and update spreadsheets online. Also, using the click-to-edit feature, a spreadsheet can be edited and viewed by several people at the same time.


Google Docs allows you to create, share, and modify documents using pictures, tables, equations, drawings, and links, among other things.


Slides allow you to integrate movies and change the theme of your slides without having to save them again.


You have the option of creating your own theme or selecting one from a list of pre-defined themes.


The Slide tool enables you to create a website using Google Sites and includes others in the construction process. This makes it simple to develop, organize, and distribute.


With Hangout, you may join a group chat or conduct an audio/video call with up to 25 people at once. It’s one of the most effective communication tools.


With Google Contacts, syncing contacts from your smartphone is straightforward. Your contacts may be managed, reviewed, merged, and organized.

All of the group discussions are now in one location. Organize and coordinate social events, meetings, and conferences for the group’s new members.

Outlook Email Client

G Suite Sync allows you to send and receive emails from different email clients. From the admin panel, the G Suite admin may enable the setting.

G Suite Edition from MilesWeb

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Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise are the four plans to choose from.

The Business Starter costs you Rs. 125/mo and provides: Custom and secure business email, 100 participant video meetings, 30 GB cloud storage per user, Security and management controls, Standard Support.

The Business Standard plan offers Custom and secure business email, 150 participant video meetings + recording, 2 TB cloud storage per user, Security and management controls, Standard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support. This plan costs you Rs. 672/mo.

The Business Plus plan costs you Rs. 1, 260/mo and offers Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, 5 TB cloud storage per user, Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management, Standard Support.

The Enterprise plan offers Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption, 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming, storage, Advanced security, management, compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management, Enhanced Support.

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Security Features in G Suite

  • G Suite provides custom password length along with visual strength indicators to help employees set secure passwords,
  • G Suit offers SSL connections to ensure secure connection (HTTPS).
  • You get email archiving with unlimited retention option.
  • Custom information sharing rules to determine how broadly employees are allowed to share with Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites.

Reasons to use G Suite

  • Cost-Effective
  • Advanced admin controls
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Sharing
  • Business Email
  • Work Remotely
  • Easy Data Migration
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Secured by Google
  • No Ads

To Conclude

MilesWeb offers cheap web hosting Malaysia and all over the world also, MilesWeb’s version of G suite offers access to your favorite Google Apps for Business, like Drive, Slides, Gmail, Docs, and more, for your business, which is linked to your domain name and includes premium features such as enhanced security, custom email addresses, double storage capacity, and full administration rights.

You also receive 99.9% guaranteed uptime, unlimited group email accounts, 24/7 phone and email support, no advertising, and G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, among other things. All of this isn’t included in G Suite’s free edition.