GTA 6 Release Date, News, Rumors and Expected Changes

The United States-based game publisher that works in New York City, since 1998, and acts as a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. It is one of the best gaming publishers out there. They are behind the GTA games. Some other high-quality games that they compose, produce, and release frequently. A lot of hype has been considered to revolve around their next game, GTA 6. It is said to be even better than before, including all the new graphics of the gameplay. The engine industrial improvements from their current award-winning game, Red Dead Redemption 2. It is still unexpected when the GTA 6 release date Is going to be. There are many rumors regarding such the same.

GTA 6 and Dead Redemption 2

gta vs red dead redemption

The next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series is not likely to happen any time soon. However, as stated by Rockstar, the political climate restricts them to limit their creative freedom. One thing Rockstar would never limit and bound for their GTA 6 release date. It’s because of their will to create one of the best games out there continuously.

Once the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, they seem to have hit the jackpot of freedom offered to the customers and the gamers out there. Satisfying and meeting all of their needs to give out the perfect game with the perfect gameplay. That is one thing they need to manage and sustain in the GTA 6 for the new Grand Theft Auto game in the series. Whether it is still unclear if the game is following the development when the GTA 6 release date appears and how upsetting it would be for all the lovers of the GTA franchise to know that the game would still be put on hold for a later point in time, nothing is confirmed or said about properly.

Many fans remain to wait and anticipate anything regarding the GTA news and what period of time they may expect the next game to be, continuing to play GTA V even today as it came out years ago, though they are unsure of the GTA 6 release date.

Detailed News of GTA 6 Release Date

While Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to be taking all the limelight of Rockstar and giving it a new name for the gaming company, making it stand out amongst the biggest games in the world, there is no doubt to consider that GTA series was the series that got it started in the first place. Many theories and rumors have been stated that because Read Dead Redemption 2 was released in the month of October, last year, they can expect the GTA 6 release date year to be 2020 the most promising, encouraging, and positive release for the GTA 6 game.

However, many argue with the fact that Rockstar Games considers itself to be a quality standard company and would take its time with the next GTA to produce its GTA 6 release date, releasing the game around 2021 or even during the year 2022, just like they took their time with the widely popular and famed game, GTA V.

Platforms for GTA 6

Now we pose the next question, which all consoles will it be available to play on? As for the former game that is in the spotlight, and also the GTA V, XBOX ONE and PS4 endure to be nearing the end of their cycle, and most probably Rockstar would wait for the subsequent console that they release to be the top tier of their GTA 6 game. It is most presumably going to be the next successor to the PlayStation console, and also the Microsoft-owned Xbox console, along with the PC release date will most likely happen, because of the enormous and internationally popularized fanbase that is live on that platform as well.


Female Protagonist

gta 6 female characters

One of the many rumors that surfaced regarding the topic of GTA and the next installment in the series is for the Rockstar to have a viable and likely female protagonist. This proves itself to be a very strong possibility and one that keeps coming back after being discussed thoroughly in many forums and online chat rooms for GTA 6. A female playable and functioning character pretty much will happen if the game ends up featuring the multiple character choice ratio like the prior GTA game in the series.

GTA 6 Map and Locations

gta 6 map

Another rumor very accurate in its consumption and dictation is that the GTA series does not follow a linear timeline through its stories, but the same cannot be stated for its high-definition 4 and 5 GTAs, but nonetheless, fans and potential rumors have been found that the game would most likely set in the older neighborhoods of both the United States of America and South America, or maybe even the US effectively, and to revisit the old-fashioned timeline is one thing Rockstar knows very thoroughly and accurately to depict and portray as shown in the famously acclaimed and successful Red Dead Redemption series. So that is one rumor that is admired and appreciated by many fans, making them want the GTA 6 as early as they can, to know what Rockstar would do next.

Features and Changes

Finally, one of the questions that arise is what the next installment in the GTA series is going to do next which is going to make it apart from all the previous ones in the series. The previous game, GTA V, and also prior to those games have already implemented the opportunity to drive, pilot, and walk on all types of lands such as water, air, and ground, ranging from a bicycle to a jet, and that is one of the things that makes GTA the best amongst all the other games in the stages.

The next GTA, GTA 6, is mostly going to give an improvement against the way that the players, gamers, and users use the methods of interaction against the environment, and that will be hugely popular and one of the primary achievements made by the future consoles on both PlayStation and XBOX.

VR Capability in GTA 6

gta 6 virtual reality

A new way to interact and a professional way of realism will be achieved easily and will most presumably go beyond the preceding installments in the GTA series before. One addition that it is most possibly to contain is the fact that the GTA 6 game might also supplement VR support for gamers. The fact that VR is the next engendering of gaming and experiencing the games continues to be a thoughtful debate, and GTA 6 can settle that by producing and pushing the technology further with its new release.

Adding support to the VR capability will make GTA one of the standalone titles to give full support, adding extra features and benefits of experiencing the game in VR, boosting its sales even further, and giving the gamer another platform to experience the game in. Rockstar would have to work really hard for this to happen as most games in VR titles are not that playable and only provide options and not that much functionality but Rockstar is known to tackle the obstacles on their path and also provide stellar legendary games that are playable even after years to come.

Cars and Characters

The various and diverse list of vehicles in the GTA online universe along with the GTA V is very tremendous and enormous to just describe it. And it is pretty sure that Rockstar will recreate and reorganize something incredibly lifelike and realistic incorporated into their following installment performing it a standout feature compared to the others. That might go for the cars made by the many companies right now, as well as the army vehicles and even some of the fictional ones to say the least.

gta 6 cars

Along with the famous cars and vehicles driven so ordinarily in the game, comes the characters, and one can be especially sure that the protagonists are over from the previous franchise making an end to GTA V. But one of the rumors very well states that some of the familiar faces might still be cropped up to the GTA 6 when it releases and publishes as many fans request their love for certain locations, areas, companies, and face and that came to be known for the Rockstar company to use and vitalize in their next installment.

But still, one of the hot and most refreshing rumors to face continuously and pop up all the time is that the new GTA game might have a female lead, and that is what excites most users and gamers because Rockstar is known to blast away people’s expectations when producing a game as it instantly enhances to be the best game in the world just moments upon its release, and one can be sure that many of the people are going to love that decision of appending a female lead for the first time in the GTA series.

gta 6 female protagonist

Final Words

GTA 6 is a game still many years ahead and we are all unaware to predict the GTA 6 release date accurately as there is yet to be any news and exposure and suggestions that might bring out to tell about what, when, and how the game maybe, but whatever it is going to be, one can be very sure that it is going to be the greatest game in the GTA series and Rockstar will make sure of that.

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