How to Design a Groovy 70’s Party Poster?

Last Updated on August 8, 2023 by ScreenPush

In a virtual world, some tools that seem old are still valid and authoritative. The poster is one of them. Born centuries ago, it is the undisputed king of advertising.

The poster is a potent promotional tool. It speaks to all those passers-by who stop to observe it. And, for this reason, it has become an informative tool used mainly for the communication of cultural and artistic events, festivals, administrations, and institutions.

Are you planning a 70’s oriented party? In this article, you will learn some practical tips about designing an eye-catching party poster that will attract people to your event.

What Features Does a Well-made Poster Have?

If you’re planning some music event, your poster must ‘scream’ about it and be expressive. It should win the attention of the public. The important thing, for a good poster design, is mainly, to capture the attention of observers. A good image is well-balanced and contains evident elements:  contrasting colors, geometric shapes, and large and beautiful titles. The space of a poster, 70 × 100 cm, is large enough to represent the attractive flow.

Use an Impacting Image

The easiest way to create a 70’s-like poster is to look for a beautiful, vivid, and psychedelic image, put a colorful and wavy text with the necessary information on it, and send it to print. The poster idea should be the first step to make it fabulous, for example, concerning the 70’s party, the design should take the audience back in time, representing the hippie style correctly.

Present Information in an Organized Way

As in any graphic design work, information is a fundamental part of the project: the title of the event, the time, and the place must be clearly visible. The font must be entirely readable from a distance of half a meter. What is more, you must take into account the target audience of the poster and the reference public.

Incorporate Essential Elements

Your poster, even if it wants to stand out, must remain composed of the essential elements that allow the viewer to identify both the message and the event that it advertises. A title and visuals generally remain a base. If any of these elements are omitted, you risk losing some of your audience’s attention or simply not clearly identifying your offer.

The graphics remain the essential elements of a poster and must occupy at least 50% of the space of the latter. There is no point in overloading a text image because it may deter the reader from going further. This graphics must transmit a message and do it as effectively as text, which avoids the written overload and makes the poster more refined.

How do You Make a Party Poster that Attracts Attention?

There are a couple of key ways to achieve this, and they all fall on the basic principles of good graphic design.

If You are Not Sure Where to Start, Try Using a Poster Template

There are different poster templates that you can choose from. If you don’t know where to start, just pick up a template that will suit your expectations and will match the context of the 70’s party. You can use a template with some waves, which will lead to the main text.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use a 70’s or 80s pattern, the most important is to make the title the main focus of the party poster. As a general rule, the text of the title should be 3 times bigger than the size of the subtitles and body.

The Color Palette

Colors play an essential role in consumer perception. You do not need to use a bright color palette to attract the eye. It can load your party poster with too many details. On the contrary, try to coordinate the whole design so that it is pleasant to watch and make it represent the charter of the poster.


The realization of a poster requires skills in terms of graphics, if you are a beginner in this area do not hesitate to get help from a professional. However, if you will focus on the 70s theme and you will provide the most important info about your party, your party poster should work well.