How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily or Permanently

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Sometimes, switching off your Avast Antivirus or just pausing any of the shields that it provides and presents in its software for the protection of your computer can be necessary and important. Perhaps you need or require to visit some favorite app or any website and it’s on par protection shields stop you from revisiting, or perhaps you want to download third-party security software, or any other software and maybe install it but all of these actions are caused by the firewall waiting for you to let it in your computer and so you need to turn off, or how to disable avast or pause the Avast Antivirus.

In this guide that you are going to read, you will understand the step to step process of how you can achieve and completely disable Avast 2019 by turning it off. If either you want a complete uninstall or a temporary one just for your own sake. All the steps discussed over here will also include and cover the same for all the products that Avast provides in its antivirus products lineup being Avast Premier, The Avast Internet Security, the Free or Pro Antivirus as well.

How to Disable Avast

In order to turn off and how to disable avast all the shields, it basically means that you are turning and switching off the Avast Antivirus active protection completely, and always it is preferred to be sure and known of what you are doing, even though the fact that it is actually very simple and easy to do.

Step #1

  • The primary and foremost thing you need to do is to navigate yourself to the taskbar at your Windows desktop.
  • Find the Avast icon that seems to be in its original orange-yellow color.
  • With the default option, it is hidden in some of the Windows machines, so you can click on the top icon of an arrow if you are unable to spot it.
  • After finding the icon, you must right-click on it, which will provide and present with you a series of options to select.
  • Avast shields control is the option that you need to select immediately, which in turn, will bring even further options to choose displayed on the drop-down list in four categories:
  • The option and selection of selecting and disabling your Avast Shield for 1 hour, 10 minutes, till the time the computer will restart or the last option being permanently and forever.

Step #2

Whatever option that you will select and pick from the drop-down list will be disabled when you click on the arrow icon.

  • You will have a screen asking and prompting your chosen decision. Asking you to confirm your decision.
  • Upon clicking on the Yes, your shielding from the Avast anti protection will be paused or disabled at the stated choice that you had taken.
  • It will be effective after the process of the time interval is completed.

Step #3

If you want to confirm that Avast really has disabled its properties of shielding and protecting your computer by providing its services, and have turned them off like you had selected from the option and have also confirmed the decision by the prompts that had confirmed,

  • You can open its main window, which will be showing the title “All antivirus shields are off”.
  • To re-enable the property and service, however, you can click Resolve and the message will be replaced with – You’re protected.

How to Turn off Avast Temporarily

Avast Antivirus also offers the option to temporarily and briefly turn off. And also, how to disable avast and its shields. Selecting what shields you want to turn and set off? It is always better than turning and switching off all of them instantly. Here are the following steps in achieving that.

Step #1

This will require you to open the Avast main window with the user interface. You need to go to Core Shields which is inside the Protection title. If you need another way to go in that,

  • You can click on the settings in the bottom left corner and go into Components selection. Upon clicking and entering that, you will see a variety of shields from the Avast menu listed on the screen with their correct switch buttons.
  • Whichever you decide to turn off and how to disable avast, you need to hover over to that respective and particular shield and click on the switcher.
  • Upon clicking that, you will be prompted again to choose from the 4 options are stated earlier.
  • You will be given to stop the shield for 1. 10 minutes, or 2. 1 hour, or 3. Until your system and machine will restart, and lastly the 4.
  • Indefinitely, giving you the ability to only turn back on when you click on it again and do it manually. Click on whichever you desire and prefer.

Step #2

When the shield that you have selected to disable has been positively done so,

  • You will be prompted with a new screen that will display about the switch is now Off.
  • The window will be turned into a yellow filter stating the title of the appropriate shield which is now off.
  • When the change and turn of mind occur and you want to re-enable the shielding effect.
  • You can turn it back on by clicking on the turn on the button placed on that screen,
  • It will animate and turn into the color of green stating.
  • You will now be protected and the shielding effect is back.

Uninstall Avast

When all else fails and you are unable to solve the problem that you set out for by finding any solution stated. Then perhaps, you can dive into the thought of how to disable avast completely. Possibly you can uninstall Avast Antivirus entirely. Although that act would not be suggested. Because that would enable viruses to attack your computer as it would then be vulnerable. You can still do it if you wish to.

You can simply and easily download the removal tool stated in the Avast Uninstall Utility website. The tool can easily remove the complete Avast Antivirus software and all the services that come with the software from your system. If you want to manually do it, you can locate the software from the list of programs. In Control Panel there are programs that are installed on your windows machine and uninstall it from there.

Avast Free Antivirus is an all-embracing protection software. It is very consistent and important for your machine when you are browsing the web. Performing your day-to-day activities online and about the health and protection of your machine. It shields and defends your machine. It may leave it at a daunting risk if you do uninstall it or turn it off. So, whatever you are going to do, it is advisable to understand the consequences it afterward.

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