PDFBear: Unlocking PDF Files are Now Simplified

pdfbear: unlocking pdf files

There can be times where you need to lock your PDF files, or the sharer you receive it from locks their PDF files on purpose.

But how can you unlock this kind of PDFs easily without downloading applications that are just a hassle and storage consuming? Keep on reading to know more about the best website to use!

Why are PDF Files Sometimes Password Protected?

There can be an acceptable reason you put passwords for your PDF files or why your workmate added some protection for their PDF files.

It is easy to add security passcodes for your PDF files. Now the real question is how to unlock a PDF. Let’s first discuss the main reasons why secure the PDF files.

The PDF files must be secured, especially when the files contain confidential documents or you wanted to give out a contract via email without them changing anything from the agreement.

It is also sometimes locked to ensure that the file can access certain people who need to see the documents. Locking your PDF will depend on why you want it to be closed and why you need to put security to it.

Protection from copyright is sometimes one of the top reasons why PDF owners use password protection.

For this reason, unlocking your PDF files requires you only to input a password so an unauthorized person can never open your PDF files.

Although the United States government protects the original writer of individual documents from people who reproduce their forms without the real owner’s permission, they don’t defend original writers from this kind of law in another state or country. It can also be frustrating when you find someone reproducing your documents.

For instance, honesty for your files is that you are the company’s boss, and someone sends you a file that they made, and you added comments or revisions through the PDF file.

Adding protection for your PDF file can prevent them from making changes to your comment. Adding a digital signature, adding password protection into your PDF files will secure the signature added in the file.

These kinds of files are in a business contract, and an unauthorized person shouldn’t modify these kinds of files.

Creating your digital signature is a simple process. All you need to do is create your digital ID; then, you have to sign digitally on the PDF file using your ID. It is an encryption certificate. Will make a digital fingerprint into your PDF file.

Limiting Access is one of the top common reasons why they usually put security into their PDF files. Some people don’t want others to quickly open their PDF files, mainly if it includes sensitive topics or confidential documents in the PDF file.

How to Unlock the Password-protected PDF File?

Unlocking a PDF password is as easy as adding them into the PDF files. You might want to unlock your PDF files for you to open those files automatically without it asking for a password every time or for another valid reason.

Unlocking your PDF files nowadays made it more comfortable with online platforms, for instance, PDFBear.

PDFBear offers different tools for your PDF needs, and all of these tools are free to use and are hassle-free.

All you need is to have an internet connection wherever you are and devices with browsers, whether your laptop or even your mobile devices.

The next thing you need to do is search in the browser provided for the website of PDFBear. The users can find the PDF tool under PDF Security once you have reached the site.

You have to upload the PDF file you want to unlock by dragging it into the box or browsing it from your devices.

Next, enter the password that you use into that PDF file. Then click the button unlock, and without further ado, your PDF file is now open within just a few seconds.

After unlocking your PDF files, you have the choice of saving them directly into your device or sharing it to tons of social media platforms.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a platform available online for everyone, even for the elderly and youngsters who need help with their PDF files.

The steps that are all provided on the website are straightforward to use and won’t give them a hard time finding out how to use the tools available for them.

PDFBear also is free to use. Although they still offer premiums, they let people operate it for free.

But as we all know, availing of the tip can guarantee you excellent benefits more than the platform’s free users.


PDFBear understands that you need to lock your PDF files sometimes, and sometimes you need to unlock them, especially when you need to open them from time to time because inputting passwords from time to time can sometimes consume so much of your time.