5 Surprising Reasons Why Young Professionals Love Using Folded Business Cards

Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by ScreenPush

The secret to boosting your personal brand is by creating and sustaining professional relationships. For many centuries, the custom of exchanging business cards was critical to creating and sustaining these types of relationships. However, in this era of digitalization and LinkedIn profiles – are business cards the preferred information exchanging tool for young professionals? The answer is surprising, yes.

According to several corporate experts, business cards still hold a key purpose in modern-day workforces. Be it exchanging information at tradeshows or creating networking opportunities at informal events – business cards help professionals build connections. Plus, business cards are very inexpensive to purchase.

Here are some other reasons why modern-day professionals love using folded business cards –

#1. Eco-Friendly Tool

The best folded business cards in the market today are made of cardstock, an eco-friendly material. The paper mills that create these cardstock business cards are known for adhering to strict eco-friendly standards. Professionals can even seek and find cardstock paper products made of 100% recycled materials.

Your habit of using business cards won’t cause any harm to the environment. Plus, business card manufacturing processes are very safe. No acids like chlorine are used to manufacture cardstock.

#2. Physical Reminders

Most modern-day professionals have digital connections and followers on LinkedIn, Twitter followers, etc. Not many of them actively build physical connections. Following the custom of sharing business cards gives young professionals the opportunity to meet peers face to face. Build authentic connections with clients, colleagues, suppliers, etc., by receiving their business cards.

The business cards will serve as physical reminders of these connections. The person on the receiving end of your business card will also have a reason to remember your encounter. This physical appeal of business cards makes them more meaningful and personal than emails or text messages.

Just like paperback books have a different aura compared to eBooks, there’s something special about giving/receiving business cards during meetings.

#3. More Efficient Networking Tool

When it comes to networking with prospective clients at busy events, business cards are still the most effective tool. Firstly, just by sharing your business card – you’ll be appearing extremely professional to everyone you have face-to-face meetings with. While emails often get lost in an ocean of spam, business cards remain inside recipients’ wallets for long periods. That’s why business cards are still the best networking tool.

#4. High-Quality Business Cards Boost Brand Value

The quality of your business card mirrors the quality of your brand. Upon receiving business cards, most people make value judgments about the company mentioned on the card. Thin and poorly designed business cards create bad impressions. Well-designed cardstock business cards generate positive reviews. Exquisitely designed business cards may even get shared with more people. That’s free promotions for your brand!

#5. Help Feel Workers Important

Business cards make company employees feel important. When young CEOs struggle to retain their workforces, they turn to traditional employee management tactics. One super-successful employee engagement tactic is giving them customized business cards. The cards give the employees a sense of importance and a reason to connect with their employers.