Rocket League Easter Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on May 26, 2022 by ScreenPush

Easter eggs are now a staple of video games. The first known easter egg in gaming is generally attributed to 1973’s Moonlander. In that game, players could uncover a pixelated McDonald’s outlet if they stuck the landing just right. Easter eggs in video gaming have come a long way since. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find secret levels, hidden characters, or entire story narratives set away from the main plot.

Are you a regular player of the Rocket League? Our guide has everything you need to know about uncovering easter eggs in this popular title from Psyonix.

Konami Cheat Code

Remember the days of old when you’d have to hammer away at a controller to unlock extra lives or unlimited ammo? Sadly, this traditional way of cheating has fallen out of fashion in recent years. However, Rocket League marks a return to form.

If you’re playing Rocket League on PlayStation, try typing in the old Konami Code into your controller. Back in the SNES era, inputting this core bagged you 30 additional lives when playing Gradius. While inputting the Konami Code won’t give you any such boost playing Rocket League, it will transform the main menu. Does the background look familiar? Both the image and title music are a throwback to SARPBC, Rocket League’s predecessor.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Glimpse of Old Arenas

Here’s another easter egg that SARPBC players will love. In Rocket League, the Aqua Dome arena might seem like it’s taken inspiration from the legend of Atlantis. It’s certainly one of the most beautifully designed arenas in the game, with plenty of gorgeous details. However, train your gaze and you might notice a few familiar sights.

The most obvious easter egg here is the sunken shipwreck in the background of the Aqua Dome arena. This wreck, the Galleon, was an arena in its own right back in the days of SARPBC. You won’t be able do battle on its deck like in previous games, but it’s a welcome sight all the same.

Easter Island Easter Eggs

This final easter egg is pretty tongue in cheek. Psyonix has been incorporating the carved heads of Easter Island for many years. The so-called Moai Antenna used to be able to be unlocked by inputting the Konami Code at the start screen. However, new players can no longer unlock this quirky car accessory.

However, you’ll still find plenty of Moai carvings scattered throughout the game. You’ll find a small Moai figure chilling out in a tire swing in the Farmstead arena. More impressive displays can be found in the Forbidden Temple, Deadeye Canyon, and Tokyo Underpass arenas. Whenever a new arena is introduced, there’s a good chance a Moai figure will be hidden somewhere within the level.

Had your fill of searching for easter eggs and ready to see the professionals battle it out in the arena? Rocket League is growing in popularity as an established esport and is now a firm fixture of A-Tier tournaments. You can find all the latest event news, as well as upcoming Rocket League tournament times here.