The Sims 5 Release Date, Anticipations and What to Expect

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The most recent sequel to The Sims game, “SIMS 4” was launched in September 2014 with included social highlights being incorporated into the game. Presently the players have the import ability for the house and its products to move from one place then onto the next. The Sims 4 was very successful in making the fans of the Sims community search for another expansion to the series, the Sims 5 with cutting-edge highlights.

The game is expected to be a stunning new sequel that is probably going to be launched in 2019 with splendid incorporations in the field of graphics animation and great quality support for the characters as well as the modes of stimulation.

When to Expect The Sims 5 Launch


The Sims 5 release date has been quite a mystery to date. But, in April 2021, the development of Sims 5 was confirmed in this interview by Laura Miele, the Chief Studio Officer at EA. As already mentioned, EA appears to dispatch Sims recreations at regular intervals of 5 years or somewhere in the vicinity. If we take the release dates of Sims 4 into consideration, we can get a somewhat idea of when the Sims 5 release date can be. EA initially declared the launch of Sims 4 in May of 2013 through a year passed by and it finally turned out in the last quarter of 2014. That is a significant time range among declaration and the official launch date. This can be marginally troubling especially because there has been no official announcement about the release of the Sims 5 game.


An official from the EA team had tweeted (though it has been erased later) that another sequence to the Sims series would only come up if the then latest version, the Sims 4 failed to satisfy the expectations of the players. As because the tweet was erased, it is safe to assume that the EA team had not taken this into official consideration. So, if another Sims game is about to come, we ought to hear a declaration this year officially from the Electronic Arts team if we have to anticipate the Sims 5 release date for the coming year. That would officially complete the 5 years interval cycle since the release of Sims 4.

What Do We want to See in Sims 5?


All players from around the globe are currently hoping to see some remarkable enhancements in the Sims 5. A standout amongst the most baffling things about The Sims 4 was the consistent measure of load screens that would frustrate the players. With expectations for The Sims 5 about to come, fans are anticipating enjoying a new perception in the game – the Open World-type. Electronic Arts must discard the boring load screens and allow the players to be placed into one of the huge free worlds available for free exploration.


Another part of The Sims 4 that was quite frustrating for the players was the absence of the re-playability feature. On the date, the failure of EA is very prominent and even the added expansions failed from getting the players to join back the free exploration of the game. That makes the game fans anticipate that EA will surely work to bring back at least a portion of the parenthood perspectives to the new release of Sims 5. What was most confusing was that EA worked to remove this feature from the Sims 4 PC game but incorporated it as it was supposed to be for the consoles version of Sims 4.

Expected Features in Sims 5

A lot of new advancements can be expected once the Sims 5 release date is officially confirmed. The features can be greatly understood by being compared to the earlier versions of the game.


Based on the surveys from the gamers who have played the previous versions of the game, EA has been working to improve the game. There have been some of the most prominent regions where the Sims 5 is expected to fulfill the demands of the players. To begin with, huge changes can be brought into the character styles including their hair shading. It is anything but difficult to get numerous kinds of haircuts at different lengths. A portion of the hairdos to be easily brought into the game includes braids, up, down, wavy, straight, pigtail, bun, and many more.

Texturing of the Faces

The outward appearance can be redone with the hereditary qualities such as changes to be brought in the dimples, the eye bags; the nose as well as the button of the philtrum that can increase the beauty of the character.


If the developing team wants to alter the character fixtures such as the cheeks, ears, nostrils, lips, or forehead, it is going to be no difficult task.

Eye Shading

If changes are brought into the eye color of the characters, more beauty can be added to the characters. The nose bridge, the eyebrows, and the head wrinkles can be redesigned with more innovation to change the appearance of the characters totally.

Skin Tone

Another easy fix to bring in the new version of the game is the ability to alter the skin shades for the characters.


It can range from dark, medium, light, green and blue, or even some other tone to effortlessly distinguish your character. It would not be a great surprise if the designer brings in more customization for the skin and works on animating the Sims 5 to provide more choices of bringing the character with better looks.

Body Changes


The choice of 3D designs is extremely fabulous in keeping up the body structure of the various characters in the game. It is anything but difficult to build the extent of the muscles and quality of the body strength by utilizing the game features. It can be quite entertaining to be able to play with the body shape of the characters ranging from their birthmarks, muscles, spots, belly button, and so on.

Additional Cosmetics

There are numerous choices accessible to change lip shading. A lipstick of the required shade can be used to alter the color of the lips from dark to pale to pink shades. Tattoos can likewise be included with the goal that it is simpler for the characters to change into present-day style.


The face veil alternative in the upcoming Sims 5 game can be helpful for making the wonderful essence of the characters. If the team permits, it can also be rendered in 3D as well.


An option that allows players to purchase houses with 3, 4 or 5 rooms ought to be included. This would specifically be helpful for more people to reside in the house within the game. A remake of the floors with expanded size in the 3D positions can also be anticipated in the list of expectations.


Though nothing is confirmed yet, the official announcement of the Sims 5 release date will clear out a lot of mist on the topic.

House Surroundings


There are numerous imperative highlights such as setting the lovely condition around the house and bring in many attractive features. It can include decorated fences, a garden, trees, a swimming pool, and many more such add-ons for the 3D mode of graphics.

Facilities of Parking Vehicles


The parking facilities can also be expected to be enlarged as rumors state the incorporation of new vehicles into the Sims 5. It will allow the players to park their vehicles right in their houses. Another expectation for the game is the incorporation of the feature to allow players to alter the garage door size with the aim of increasing the game points.

Stairs and Basements in the House

If players take the stairs of the house into consideration, it is a feature that must be added to the upcoming game. Rumors are stating that players will have the options to choose from either the stairs shaped as U or an L-shape. Certain adjustments for the basement must also be brought in to make it easy for the players trying to build houses in the hilly landscapes.

Final Words


These are some of the main features that are expected to be modified and presented anew in comparison to the earlier variants of the Sims game. Apart from these, there are certain other features that are rumored to come up in the new release of the game. That included bringing in new features for the windows and the doors, incorporation of modular beds. Furthermore, bringing in more advanced animations and sound effects to make the game more interactive. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet by the EA team. Once the Sims 5 release date is declared, the news will start rolling in on how the game is actually going to be and what players should actually expect from it.