How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without knowing?

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by ScreenPush

Has your wife been returning late from work lately? Are you constantly involved in altercations? Has she been acting strange? Do you suspect her of cheating? Cooking theories in your head won’t do you any good. You can either trust her and let go of your worries or do something to confirm your conjecture. In this digital era, our lives are intertwined with our cell phones. They are one’s priced possession and hold the key to all our secrets. So, the best way to know if hiding anything or not is to spy on someone’s phone.

But what if she catches you prying? You obviously can’t let that happen! Such a situation must be avoided at all costs. You don’t need to worry, because there are several apps that can do your dirty laundry and save you the hassle. You can also hire a private detective but being a pricey alternative, it is not advisable. Moreover, it is not safe to trust a stranger with your wife’s details. He might use them to blackmail you in the future and nobody wants that.

How to Track Someone’s Phone Without Knowing

The majority of women are naturally astute, prudent, and shrewd. In case, your wife is cheating on you, then she will be extra cautious and discreet. Under any circumstance, you can’t let her suspect that she is being spied upon. If you want to get legitimate results from your spying then you have to be scrupulous and behave normally. Many apps are available in the marketplace to spy on wife’s phone. Based on your requirements, you can choose the best one.

#1. UMobix Solution

UMobix is one of the best spying apps on the market. It is pocket friendly and easy to use. It has been used majorly by parents to keep track of their children’s online activities and their whereabouts. But this app is an excellent medium to spy on your wife’s phone as well. It is available on both iOS and Android versions. The IOS version is of remarkable technology. All that is required of you is to type your wife’s apple id, and everything that has been backed up in the I-cloud can be spied upon.

It has a combination of wonderful features like viewing web history, checking text messages, call logs accessibility, and spying on social media. The cherry on top is that it works secretly in the background without raising your wife’s suspicion. In android phones, you just have to download this app on her mobile phone and voila, you have an amazing spy at your command. The app’s icon will disappear after downloading and you can easily spy on your wife’s phone 24 hours a day. There are additional features available on android devices like GPS location tracker, access to the gallery, and keylogger. You can visit their website to check out what all they have to offer.

How to Track Someone’s Phone GPS

If you are under the impression that your wife is meeting someone behind your back, then GPS tracking is the best way to know which places your wife goes to and at what time. The requisite is to download any good spying app and it will do all the work. The app will track your wife’s GPS coordinates in real-time and send you her location by using the available Wi-Fi or data network. You can even catch her red-handed if you find anything leery.

#2. How to Install and Use Spyic

Spyic is another great app that can be used to spy on your wife’s phone. It comes with incredible features and is effortless to use. There are a few easy steps that you need to go through:

  • The initial step is to visit the official website and sign up to create a Spyic account.
  • The second step is to set up the target device i.e., your wife’s phone. For an Android device, you will have to install the app on your phone. The app icon can be hidden after downloading.
  • If the suspect uses IOS i.e., I-phone then you just need to enter her iCloud credentials. This step hardly takes 2-3 minutes.
  • Then the server will sync all the data to your account. This might take some time so you should try to be alone while doing all this. After the syncing process is done is you have to click on start to complete the setup process.
  • The last step is to log in to your dashboard. All the features are enlisted here. You can track her location, view her texts, and call logs and thus easily spy on your wife’s phone. To know the detailed process and other features visit

#3. Spy on Someone’s Phone by Spy Bubble Pro

It is probably one of the best spying apps that you will ever come across. SpyBubblePro is not only used by parents but also by spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends all around the world. Spying not only implies that you suspect the other person of being unfaithful. Many users operate it to check on their loved ones and to track them in case something unfortunate happens. Using this app is as simple as A. B. C. SpyBubblePro is extensively compatible with computers, Mac computers, androids, and apples. There are no demographic limitations to this app. It can be easily downloaded, requiring you to have an available network connection. You must their website to understand how this app can be used to spy on your wife’s phone.

Spy on Her Texts

A person’s true colors and identity are reflected in his/her texts. The same applies to your wife. Massive details about your wife’s actions and intentions can be discovered from her texts. SpyBubblePro fathoms this and spies on your wife’s texts to help clear your suspicion.

Spy on Social Media

An individual spends a major amount of time on social media, chatting, clicking, and sending pictures. SpyBubblePro not only spies on the targets’ call logs, contacts, SMS, e-mail history, browser history, photos, videos and, GPS but also social media accounts. SpyBubblePro makes sure to leave no stone unturned and works to the best of its capability.


Spying apps are a far better option than hiring a detective because you can be sure of their loyalty towards you, unlike a person who could be a double agent, also working for your wife. You can rest assured that the app will convey every single detail and movement of your wife to you. Another advantage of getting your wife spied by an app rather than an actual spy is that all the details, messages, emails, notifications, pictures of your wife are kept between you and the app. No personal detail is saved on the server, so there is no chance of any personal information getting hacked or leaked to the public, either.

We hope that you are not being cheated on by your wife but we can’t let you have doubts about it either. So, take a step forward to clearing your suspicions with the help of spying apps. If and when you realize or find out that your suspicions were right, spying apps buy you time to plan your next course of action. Whether you want to confront your partner, break up, or make things work, it is completely up to you. We suggest you talk things out and give your relationship a second chance. After all, making mistakes is in human nature and if she is ready to apologize and accept her mistake, then being the better person, you should forgive her.