The Necessity of Tritium Night Sights and Their Practicality

When there is talk of the need for night vision optics in either home defense or training or concealed carry weapons, it has always been a debatable topic that:

  • Whether night sights are necessary or not.

And the even bigger topic of discussion is that:

  • If tritium night sights are better than other options such as flashlight, red-dots and laser and
  • If these are dangerous to the user given that tritium is a radioactive element and poses a risk of radiation poisoning.

To understand this issue better one needs to know about tritium night sights and their necessity as well as their practicality. In this article, we will be sharing the information to understand this topic better and then will be reaching a rational conclusion on this long going debate.

Why Tritium Night Sights?

The use of white light indeed diminishes the purpose of tritium night sights but on the other hand, there can be many scenarios where white light would work as a negative for the user and a gainer for the attacker. Using a tritium light when the user is in dark light and the intruder or attacker is in a visible environment is beneficial as the user will be able to hide in the dark all the while will be able to keep the point on the target. The necessity sights can be understood from this simple scenario.

Some other methods such as red dots or laser are also available but these are not as concealing as the tritium night sights. So one can say that night sights are necessary and tritium night sights are a better practical approach.

Are Tritium Night Sights Safe?

Sometimes these are deemed dangerous as tritium is a radioactive element and its inhalation or digestion might be poisoning but that is possible only in case of large amounts. Also, tritium night sights are in contained sights reducing the risk of exposure. Although it is not as harmful as it is represented and understood, still there is always a need for extreme caution in storing and operating tritium night sight. Manufacturers of such devices know the risks these bear and thus provide extremely durable housings tritium night sights so that any potential exposure might be prevented.

We believe that this provided you with all the necessary information one might require to know the risks involving the tritium night sights and also the necessity and practicality of the same. While it is not deniable that tritium night sights are a potential health hazard but the way these are handled by the providers and manufacturers also ensures the utmost safety.


To sum up one can say that although there are said risks involved in the uses of tritium night sights these are rather inferior when we look at their practicality and necessity. And when one compares them with other options such as red dots or laser then it is very safe to say that the former is a better option. The risk of being exposed to radioactive tritium can also be neglected given that the precautions taken by the manufacturers and service providers as well as users of these tools are enough and with care.