3 Best Raspberry Pi Projects You Should Try

Are you thinking of investing in your first Raspberry Pi? If so, it’s worth having an idea of some of the things this little computer can do.

There are many projects to get into once you do take the plunge and buy a Pi. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

Before you buy a Pi, it’s worth knowing a bit about it. This small, single-board computer was launched in the UK in 2012. In the years since the single-board computer market has grown rapidly and is now predicted to be worth $3.8 billion by 2027.

In line with this growth, the Raspberry Pi has been upgraded. Now in its fourth generation, it has all the features that the original offered but with added RAM sizes that come with this latest model.

If you want to get building with a Pi, it’s worth researching the different models and setting yourself up with the right tools before you start. Once you’ve got what you need, you can build some impressive creations. Here are some ideas.

#1. Monitor Security

The Raspberry Pi can be used to secure your computer network. Pi-Hole, for instance, is an open-source security project that’s designed to filter and block malicious traffic to your system.

Another option is to build a security operations dashboard. This gives you the opportunity to monitor your dashboard in real-time.

#2. Host a WordPress Site

One way to see exactly what your Pi is capable of is to use it to host your own website. This gives you the chance to learn the basics of Linux. It also gives you access to MySQL, PHP, and Apache software stacks.

Putting in the tie learning about this software is hugely beneficial as you’ll find that you have a functioning WordPress site that you can use for your own content. So, whether you want to host a space where you showcase your Pi projects or you have something else in mind for your website, it’s a lasting creating that you can work with once it’s built.

#3. Build Your Child’s First Computer

As this is such a diverse tool, schools use Raspberry Pi for computing lessons. Straightforward projects and basic coding can all be carried out on these tiny computers, and the project can be adapted to the age of the pupil.

You can do something similar at home by working with them on your own version of Scratch, for instance. So, whether your child’s in primary school or high school, the Pi is available for very simple coding right through to building full programs.

Whether you need to solve a security problem or you’re working on something fun, there are many applications for you to explore with the Raspberry Pi.