Decrypt Password Protected PDF Using This Free Website

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by ScreenPush

These days data breach is common and is easy to do if you want to do it. Having a critical file cracked is hard, especially when these files are confidential and should never be out in public or should only be known to a few people. But the constant sharing of these files on the internet causes it to be fragile.

The devil’s eye is everywhere on the internet, just looking for the perfect prey. That is why putting a lock into your files is a must. But not every format allows you to input a passcode for your files.

Luckily the format PDF allows the users to input their passcode to ensure their files’ security while sharing them with others.

Why do some people seal their PDF with a passcode?

Tons of valid reasons are the main reason for some to seal their PDF files with a passcode, especially when the files they wanted to share via social media accounts are confidential and should not be too many. You might receive this password-protected PDF file, don’t worry about how to unlock PDF it as it is converting it.

Your PDFs must be protected at all times, most notably when you attach essential documents to your files.

It would be best if you secured it to assure or guarantee that the only person who can open the PDF file you are sharing is the people who are permitted to do so. There are many ways to secure your PDF files; it varies on what you want.

Being copyright protected is mainly one of the top reasons PDF users seal their PDF files with passcodes.

Although laws in the United States protect the authentic owners of specific PDF files, there are still countries that don’t cover the original owners from unauthorized people to reproduce.

Some use PDF passcode to guarantee that no one can make changes to the PDF file they share. For instance, sharing a contract via PDF format is frustrating when someone changes details on this document for these documents are confidential. Unauthorized individuals should never change details here.

Unlocking your passcode-protected PDF

Unlocking a passcode-protected PDF is simple, especially since there are already platforms available online that can help you unlock your passcode-protected PDFs. When you need to open your files most of the time, you wish to unlock them, so it won’t be a hassle to open them anytime.

Even though there are thousands of platforms available for you, one venue stands out: it is called the GogoPDF. Using the tools on this website is more manageable and hassle-free. The website also offers free-to-use tools and are users friendly. There are only a few requirements and steps to follow to use their devices.

The essential requirement is for you to have a working device with a web browser to search their website. When you reach the website of GogoPDF, there are twenty tools available for you but for this particular step, look for the unlock PDF tool under the sign and security category.

You can upload the files you wish to open on the unlock PDF site. After uploading the files, the GogoPDF will start decoding or removing the password from your PDF. The waiting time won’t last for hours.

When it finishes, you can save your PDF files easily in any form you want to keep them. That is how simple you can use the tools of GogoPDF.

What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online platform specializing in your PDF files’ needs, for instance, editing, converting, passcode securing, etc. There are twenty tools that the GogoPDF platform is offering for free.

These tools are easy to use for students, employees, or any individual who wishes to alter their PDF files.

Wherever you are and whatever the time is, you can always search for the GogoPDF online; there are no restrictions. It would be best if you had your devices and internet connections with you for you to access their website in no time.

The platform offers user premiums; although these premiums are not required to use their tools, still being PRO gives much more benefits than the free users. Just like other companies that offer PRO accounts.


Protecting your PDF files is essential nowadays, especially since our world is so modern and data breaching is simple, with tons of tools available on the internet for them to hack into your critical files.

But if you wish to unlock your PDF file for your convenience, there are tools online to help you with it, like GogoPDF.