PDF Bear’s Practical Ways to Change PDF File Orientation

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by ScreenPush

For those who read and manage digital documents rhythmically, not being able to rotate the PDF’s orientation can be both disappointing and uncomfortable. Although several programs or reading applications include a mode of turning the page layout, sometimes you have to install them and still have the same orientation as before.

With that, there are several practical solutions to rotate the view of your file with no costly applications being downloaded. Along with the rotation procedure to strengthen your reading comfort, you can also modify the PDFs to your personal preferences. In this post, you will discover a reliable web-based tool that can assist you to change PDF file or rotating disorderly document.

In What Aspect Does Rotating PDFs Affect the Overall Layout?

It’s frustrating to view a particular document and see a disoriented structure and layout. As a result, digital users are apprehensive about what needs to be done in this situation. The ultimate reason individuals are enthusiastic about exploring how to permanently rotate PDF has to do with the document’s wrong orientation.

To give an example, if you scan and compress books or digital documents, it may be because you accidentally review separate pages in the other direction. To prevent you from taking too much time to find a solution to the issue, it is crucial to use an online feature that enables you to flip PDF documents and modify files to improve your workflow and productivity.

Rotate With Precision And Save Permanently in Four Steps

There is no need for you to be anxious about not finding an instant fix whenever you encounter unorganized PDF files. The PDFBear web services have made everything possible for you to have the convenience and accuracy of rotating your portable documents. Once you have access to the simplified rotation process, you will retrieve the files within a few seconds.
Apart from having the documents fixed neatly, the procedures also show a great deal of flexibility. It can support clients who require the receipt of a hard copy of the modified forms.

Also, printing files is never a problem when using this publicly accessible online feature. Below are the sample guides for rotating your electronic files with PDFBear:

  • The first step is you must connect your working device or computer to the Internet and open your default search browser. It’s good to remember that the site is free to use and will only require membership for advanced tools.
  • Once you have been directed to the system, you will see a wide range of devices on the site. Select the Rotate PDF on the columns and upload the files you have prepared. You have two options for transmitting your files. First, by drag-and-drop method, and second, by uploading the form, by tapping the center box icon.
  • From there, it will show a preview of all the pages that have been transferred inside. The upper section of the toolbox contains the icons in which you can select either the left, the right, or the rotate all options. When you are content with the positioning, you need to tap Apply Changes. All adjustments to the file will be saved permanently.
  • You will be redirected to the download page, where you have three choices about what you want to do with your newly rotated files. Selections include downloading a document, acquiring a shareable link, or sharing a file by email.

Secure & Private Online Alternative

Online tools and websites in today’s modern world are quite dangerous. You may experience malware or virus when you open a site, mainly when you save a file. You can also see yourself in trouble when you share your file online. Your privacy details may be compromised, and the sensitivity of your file may be a severe issue.

For this reason, PDFBear has incorporated all its efforts to develop a secure website for anyone viewing its platform. The site does not require any software or application installed on your mobile device or personal computer. The overall procedure for your files that pass through the system will be kept in online storage using a cloud security system.

Accessible Customer Service

The minor drawback of using an online tool is that it is online. You are on your own to navigate and explore the website and its features.

However, PDFBear has set up a customer service team to address your concerns about their online functions. You are free to contact them to guide you to wrap up a specific task or questions you may have about their services.


Without a doubt, the PDFBear all-in-one PDF tool is essential if you want to organize your PDF documents. If you’re going to delete irrelevant pages, compress, split, insert a number page, and rotate PDF files to make them more neat, organized, and presentable to look at, this online platform has the best it can offer.