How to Complete All Wonder Woman Quests in Roblox?

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The announcement of the official Wonder Woman-themed game recently has leveled up the excitement level in the game lovers. The gaming platform is being created by a great partnership with Warner Bros and DC and that adds more value to the product. It is one of the finest gaming platforms being available at this moment that allows players to explore Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira where they can further become a part of different tasks such as can play mini-games, complete quests, and can use in-game currency as well for purchasing different in-game things as well.

Players have to collect eight different avatar items at the launch of the game and that adds more in the future. The best thing about this game is that you can wear on these avatar items also once they leave the Wonder Woman game. If being a new gamer, you are finding it hard to complete all the Wonder Woman Quests in Roblox, the guide is going to be a suitable helper for you. With this guide, we will also need Robux currency to complete Wonder Woman Quests.

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Wonder Woman Quests Guide

At the very first stage, you will find a bunch of quests over there for completing each you will get 20 Golds. Once done, you have to obtain quests in the middle and have to find the NPCs across the island. More will be the number of quests more will you acquire gold from there. Below are the detailed directions that will help you in adding more gold to your gaming account.

#1. Discover the Main Temple

The very first quest of Wonder Woman is quite easy and can be easily opened just by running forward on the bridge into the island palace. You will see a prompt out there and that will alert you about the completion of the quest. One can easily access it just by tapping on the scroll icon followed by the collect on the quests option.

#2. Sail Across the Sea

Next, you can sail across the see-through boat to get a quest over here. You just have to talk to the Faruka. Once done, you can get back to the island just by tapping on the arrow button.

#3. Check Behind the Secret Door

Secret Door also brings up a lot of opportunities for you. Gamers have to solve a couple of puzzles being present there to find the Lost MacGuffin quest in the final door.

#4. The Lost McGuffin

This quest will lead you further to the palace area and a couple of small building areas over there.

#5. Oracle’s Temple

Oracle’s Temple is a huge building being situated at the topmost stairs that appear to be floating in the air. One just has to run up the building for getting the credit of the quest.

#6. Discover the Secret Behind Portal Oracle

The Portal Oracle is being there inside the Oracle’s Temple. You can talk to Philippus and walk through the portal to complete the quest in it.

#7. Don’t Forget Discovering Armory

Armory is being present directly across the Oracle’s Temple. You just have to run upstairs and have to check out the building behind the waterfall for discovering the Armory. You can find the “Get Sword” quest at Artemis and you can also get the Open Portal Armory Quest from Timandra here.

#8. Open Portal Timandra

The only thing you have to do for initiating the quest is to talk to Timandra. This portal can be used for getting back to the fourth between the palace and the Armory.

#9. Get Sword

It is one of the most complicated quests out there where you have to perform multiple tasks. Firstly, you need to find five ingots and then have to head back to Lo for getting the Sword. You have to get back to the beginning of the area and have to speak to the Artemis for getting another quest for you.

#10. Mountain Top

Head to the right of the waterfall and search for some green vines being available at the stone. Climb up these stones for getting higher on the island and once done, you can see a blue-lit platform over there. you can easily launch the top of the mountain just by standing on it and can add credit to your quest.

#11. Top of the World

You can see a platform going up and down in front of the Wonder Woman Statue. You can simply stand on it get on the top of the World Quest.

#12. Waterfall Jump

A land extending out towards and a waterfall are being there available near to the left side of the huge statue. Just get on the topmost area of the waterfall and jump off from it to get the complete waterfall jump quest.

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