How to Turn Off Find My iPhone: Remove Devices from App

‘Find My iPhone’ is an app specifically for iOS devices and Mac OS products. It empowers clients to find their iPhone that has been lost or gone missing. If you do not want to use this element, then you must know how to turn off find my iPhone. It can also be used for iPad and Mac gadgets. When Find My iPhone is enacted on a gadget, it is connected to the specific Apple ID of the client. The product owner would then be able to find his product, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device by signing in to the iCloud website on a Mac product. Also, find the product by utilizing the application Find My iPhone designed for usage on iPhone or iPad.

When the Find My iPhone feature is on, the device owner can check its area by checking out the map. He also has the ability to lock the device remotely, erase all its substances, or reach out to the lost gadget in order to urge a discoverer to return it to the rightful owner.


When to Use the Find My iPhone App?

The Find My iPhone administration by Apple can be helpful in an assortment of circumstances such as:

  • In the event that the user has lost a gadget.
  • The device has been stolen.
  • The user wants to get rid of all the existing data and wants to format the phone.

It is one of the most interesting features that the device provides you with. If you got more than one iOS product, you better be using it to ensure its safety.

How Helpful is it?

In any case, not every iPhone user tends to have a sweet spot for this application. There is an incomplete inclination. That feeling never completely satisfies users that they are being checked upon and tracked by a virtual overlord who knows all about your location – all the time. It is a fact that the owner of the gadget is the overlord for this situation and has reliably demonstrated it to be a companion of protection. But the truth of being monitored the entire time cannot be obliterated out of the context. Furthermore, this is sufficiently reasonable. You’re permitted to discover even generous surveillance dreadful as well.

All the more critically, there are explicit conditions when the much-discussed app, Find My iPhone quits being helpful and turns into a potential burden or peril. Such situations call for users to know how to turn off Find My iPhone to complete their task. When users wish to offer the gadget on sale, obviously, they have to expel it from the feature of Find My iPhone.


This is equally applicable when the device may be suffering any issue and the owner requires sending it to the service center for repair. It is to the great luck of users that it is not that tough a job if they wish to remove any particular iPhone, MacBook, iPod, or iPad devices from the list of devices registered with the Find My iPhone feature.

The Most Effective Method to Kill Find My iPhone:

Removing an iPhone from Find My iPhone


When equipped with a unique Apple ID and secret passcode used during the setup process of the Find My iPhone feature, turning it off is truly direct. Device owners can follow the below steps to simply remove the gadget from the list if they do not know how to turn off Find My iPhone:

1. Go to the Settings section of the device.


2. Tap on the iCloud icon.


3. Select the Find My iPhone icon on the next screen.


4. Click on the option to turn off the Find My iPhone feature.


5. Put in the unique Apple ID and the linked secret key for the listed account and click to turn off the feature.

‘Find My iPhone’ will be disabled by then for that particular iOS gadget. It may still be applicable to the other Apple products that are on the list with the same ID. Once done, users can keep on resetting the gadget to the default factory settings (in case they want to offer it for sale). To do this, users need to follow a few basic steps.

  • They need to go to the Settings tab for the device they want to reset.
  • In the Settings section, tap on the General tab.
  • Users can find the option to ‘Reset and Erase all Content and Settings’, clicking which will erase out all data loaded on the device.

How to remove a listed Mac product from the feature

If you are worried about how to turn off Find My iPhone for a Mac device, it is pretty easy as well. To turn off the feature for their Mac devices, they need to push on the half-eaten Apple product logo. Which is on the upper left corner of the screen. This will help to display the full menu for the Apple device. In here, users have the capacity to tap on the System Preferences and after that, they will discover the choice for accessing the iCloud.


Inside this menu, Mac book users have an alternative option brought in exclusively as Find My Mac. This will be helpful to users at that point as they have the capacity to flip the turn-off button and get the device out of the list. An elective alternative is to remove the iCloud altogether on the considered Mac device. Yet that way causes users to lose bunches of the highlights Apple offers for backing up the contents.

How to Remove an Apple Watch or iPod from ‘Find My iPhone’

If any user wants to remove an Apple series smartwatch or a couple of Air Pods from Apple, they need to go to the website of iCloud to discover the particular gadget. After that, the Find My iPhone feature can be found here.


If you are planning to take this step, ensure that the battery is totally drained of whatever gadget you are planning to turn off the Find My iPhone feature. We have no realization of what is causing any user to take this action. Whatever may their reasons be, it is something that the producer prescribes before getting the device off the list of accounted devices under the tracking technology.

The majority of your gadgets will show up in this rundown on the Find My iPhone site. You’ll need to tap on the tab with the All Devices heading. Provided on the list to discover whatever the user requires to turn off.

Push on that gadget and at the base of a little pop-up list. Users can check the choice if they wish to remove the device from the record account. This button, in particular, will enable users to disengage their gadget totally from the support and will resolve their query of how to turn off Find My iPhone.

What to do if You No Longer Have Access to Your Device?


Did you already lose the device or sold it to a customer? Before you can disable the Find My iPhone, you are required to delete it remotely. To get this done, a user can make a beeline for the gadgets list on their linked account with and after that push on the gadget that they intend to remove from the list.

This will delete all the contents on the device by a remote application. Users are required to provide their Apple ID and password to get it done. Once the wipeout is complete, users then are provided with the ability to push on the button dedicated. It will result in the removal of the device from the registered account list.

Before You Sell Your iPhone

Users may decide to sell their iPhone gadget and whatever reason may it be. They must follow the required steps too. They must know how to turn off Find My iPhone before making the offer. Back up the data contents from the current device that they are using. This is the main activity before anyone proceeds to buy their new iPhone device. If you are shifting from the iPhone, you can still enjoy iOS emulator on other devices.

Remember that before you remove and offer your iPhone for sale, it is imperative for you to log off of the iCloud, iTunes, and App Store to make it free. The option is in the Settings section of the device. The option to sign out is at the bottom part of the screen. Ensure that you have removed the account details too. Otherwise, the new user will require putting in your Apple ID and password to get it done. If you are all cool with sharing your credentials, you can leave it as such.

Turning Off With the Wrong ID and Password

Well, it is not possible. If you are worried about how to turn off Find My iPhone without the right Apple ID and password to which the device is registered then there is nothing you can do about it. If you do not have access to the right credentials, make sure you find them before going on with the process.