Instagram User Not Found Error Explained

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User not found‘ on Instagram is among the significant issues faced by Instagram users. For example, you might be looking up someone’s profile, and suddenly you see Instagram “user not found” error on your screen. Of course, your first response to that is you are blocked by the user. But it isn’t the only reason. This article covers all possible reasons and questions related to Instagram user not found error.

Instagram user not found

What Does User not Found on Instagram Mean?

You can see a ‘user not found’ error while looking up someone’s profile or looking up someone’s Instagram posts. Suppose you see Instagram ‘user not found‘ error; in that case, it means either you are blocked, the username is changed by the user, the user is suspended, or the user disabled the account temporarily/permanently. It also can be a simple mistake of putting the Misspelled username. So, make sure you are typing the correct username.

Does ‘User not Found’ Means Blocked?

As mentioned above, it may be your first reaction that you are blocked, but there are other reasons. Here are the Six reasons for the User not Found on Instagram error:

  1. Username change
  2. Misspelled username
  3. You’ve been blocked
  4. User disabled account temporarily
  5. User deleted account permanently
  6. The account is banned/suspended

Let’s explain these reasons.

#1. Username Change

Instagram allows its user to change their username at any time. So, it can be the most common reason for the user not found error. But, in the case of famous social media account, username change is not the reason.

How to Tell if the Username is Changed?

There are some tips for checking if the username is changed or there is any other reason.

First, if you have a chat history with the user, you can open the chat and go to that user’s profile. It will take you to the profile with the updated username.

Second, you can always check users’ other social media platforms for information on the username change.

Third, you can check through mutual friends. If you have a mutual friend with the user, you can go to your friend’s profile, and in the followings or followers list, you can spot the user. Of course, you won’t see the old username in the list, but you can identify the user with a profile picture or name.

#2. Misspelled Username

Sometimes we can make the dumbest mistake and won’t even realize it until later. So, you make sure to enter the correct username. Sometimes username may contain repetitive syllables, numbers, or symbols to make it unique or Swaggy.

#3. You have been Blocked

One of the reasons for the ‘user not found‘ is that you have been blocked. So the question is, how can you be sure that there is no other reason than you are blocked.

Ways to Find if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

#1. Recent Search

First of all, you might not be able to search if a person has blocked you. If the user has a public account and you are blocked, you can see the user has not found the error.

Second, if it’s a private account, you cannot search at all, but you may have searched the user in the past. You will find the user in recent search results. If you check the profile and see the user not found error, you have been blocked, or the person deleted the account.

#2. Chat History

If you have a chat history with the user, you can check the profile through your inbox. You will be able to send the message, but if you go to profile, it will display the ‘user not found‘ error, which means you have been blocked or the user has deleted the account.

#3. “No Posts Yet” Display

‘No posts yet’ error usually indicated that you might have been blocked. You will notice the default picture on the profile and nil followers and followings. No posts or photos except in that section you will see “No Posts Yet” error.

#4. Likes and Comments

You can also get the idea of whether you have been blocked or not by your posts’ likes and comments. For example, if all the likes and comments of that user are removed from your posts, you may have been blocked.

#5. Use of another Account

This method is simple and easy if you have access to another account. You can search for the username from a different account. If you can see the normal profile, it’s the bad news that you have been blocked.

#4. User Deleted Account Permanently

It may seem less likely, but it can be the reason for the ‘user not found‘ error. Once user deletes their Instagram account, all post and pictures are removed too.

When the account is deleted, it is also removed from all the followers and following lists. In addition, all the likes and comments from that account are also removed. You can check if the account is deleted by checking from another account. If it shows ‘user not found‘, then it is deleted.

#5. User Disabled Account Temporarily

When a user disables an account temporarily due to any reason, it is removed from search results and follower or following lists. Just like when the user deleted the account permanently, you will see the same error on Instagram ‘user not found.’ It will remain the same until the user reactivates the account.

#6. The Account is Banned/Suspended by Instagram

Instagram strictly monitors its rules and regulation policies. If involved in suspicious or illegal activities on Instagram, then it gets suspended. When the account is suspended/banned, you also see the “user not found” error. So if you are trying to find a user you think might have been involved in a breach of policy, you can guess that Instagram has suspended the account.

Instagram usually gives you a warning before your account is banned, but it can also suspend your account without any warnings.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: User not found when you log in means?

Answer: When you see a ‘user not found‘ error on your profile while logging in, it’s because of few reasons: either your account is suspended or deleted by Instagram, your account may be temporarily disabled, or you are putting in the wrong username (Check Spellings).

Q: Difference between ‘No Posts yet’ and ‘user not found

Answer: “No posts yet” error display typically when someone blocked you, you might notice default picture on profile and nil followers and followings. No posts or photos except you will see “No Posts Yet” error. “User not found” error may have other reasons all mentioned above.

Q: When does Instagram delete or suspend an account?

Answer: Like all other social platforms, Instagram also has regulations and policies. Suppose you violate the regulations/policies, i.e., something related to drugs sales, racism or sexual abuse, etc., your account can be deleted. Furthermore, if you are inactive for a very long time, your account can also be suspended.

Q: Can Instagram delete or suspend an account without warning?

Answer: As mentioned before, typically, Instagram warns before action, but they can also delete or suspend the account without any warnings.

Q: Can you Retrieve your lost/disabled Instagram account?  

Answer:  Yes, you can retrieve your account. You can contact Instagram through the Help page and follow the instruction to get your account back.