20 Ordinary Last Names Starting With H in the U.S.

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Last names are always special because they carry some kind of meaning with them. It is much easier to track someone’s ancestry by their last name. That is why we will share the most ordinary last names in the US starting with H. With the last names, we will share their meaning, origin, ancestry, and some interesting facts associated with them.

Top 20 last Names Starting With H

The names included in this list are taken from CocoFinder’s website where you can find the 1000 most popular last names starting with H and other letters. Thus, the information is related to the updated numbers and trends.

  • Harris

Harris is the most popular last name to start with the letter H. The origin of this name is English and it is a patronymic name Harry (pet name for Henry). Some of the people with this surname migrated to Ireland as well. 

  • Hall

The second most popular surname is Hall that has an English, Scottish, and Irish origin. The name stands for ‘hall’ or a spacious residence. The name was given to someone who lives near a hall or similar place. 

  • Hill

Hill is another popular surname in the United States with its origin from England and Scotland. The topographic name is used for someone who lives near a hill. That’s the reason why people from different communities share the same ancestry.

  • Howard

Howard is an English-originated Norman personal name that stands for ‘Strong Heart’. The name also shares an Irish connection due to the large-scale migration of this community. 

  • Hughes

The Surname Hughes has an English origin (mainly from Wales) that is from Anglo-Norman French personal name, ‘Hugh’. Thus, is one of the patronymic names of Irish and Scottish origin.

  • Henderson

Henderson has a Scottish and Irish origin that is a patronymic name for Hendry. Another spelling variant for Hendry is Henry. Thus, Henderson stands for ‘Son of Henry’. The name runs through different Scottish families and is common in the United States.

  • Hamilton

Hamilton has a Scottish and Northern Irish origin that is named after an area (now a deserted village). The name signifies the ‘crooked hill’ and the descendants of this family kept Hamilton as their surname. 

  • Hayes

Hayes has a pure Irish origin that represents the ‘descendants of Aodh. It is important to note that ‘Aodh’ means ‘Fire’ in the local language of this country. Therefore, Hayes is a common surname for the descendants of this ancestry.

  • Harrison

The origin of this surname is Northern English. It is a patronymic name from the medieval period, named after a personal name harry. The joint meaning of Harrison is ‘Son of Harry’.

  • Hoffman

The Surname Hoffman has a mixed origin with German and Jewish communities. It is a variant of Hoffmann that stands for ‘steward’. Steward is an occupational name for a gardener or a person who looks after the farms and similar places. There are thousands of descendants with the same last name in the United States.

  • Henry

The surname Henry has an interesting origin as it has an English and French connection with its ancestry. However, the word is taken from a Germanic personal name, ‘Heim + Ric’ which means ‘home + ruler’. The name is used for a leader of a home, area, or country.

  • Hunt

The surname Hunt comes from the Hunters as it was given to the people who used to hunt animals. It is an English-originated name that has its roots in different countries. It started as a game to hunt animals and the person who had the most hunts in his name was termed as the great hunter.

  • Hawkins

The surname Hawkins is an English-originated name with the Anglo-Norman French community. It is a habitational name for a place in Kent. To an extent, there is a connection to this surname as well.

  • Hudson

The surname Hudson has an English origin that is taken from a person named Hudde. The surname is popular in Ireland and some other parts of English-speaking countries.

  • Hart

Hart has an English and German origin that is a personal name with a one-word meaning ‘stag’. It is considered a nickname for people from the Jewish community and the name was established in the 17th century in Ireland

  • Herrera

The surname Herrera has a Spanish and Jewish origin, which is a habitational name for a village in the provinces of Seville. The name is given to the blacksmith from the Latin word, iron mine.  

  • Hansen

The surname Hansen is a patronymic name that comes from the real name ‘Hans’. Its origin is shared with Danish, Dutch, and North German. It has different spelling variants that make it harder to track the exact number of people with this ancestry.

  • Haro

The surname has a Spanish origin and is considered a habitational name from the provinces of Logrono. The French version of this name gives it a complete meaning that stands for a ‘Peddler’. Therefore, people with similar occupations had Haro as their surname.

  • Hulsey

Hulsey has an English origin that is unexplained by different experts, However, people believe that it is a variant of Halsey that is a frequent name in English-speaking countries.

  • Hardy

The surname Hardy shares its origin with the English, Scottish, and French community. It is a nickname given to brave soldiers or a young boy. According to the Irish translation, the meaning of this name is ‘son of the hard lad’.


Having a meaningful last name always leaves a positive impression. Therefore, it is important to do proper research before choosing one for your kid. In this list, we shared the most ordinary last names that will help you know more about them. Hopefully you’ve found the one you like.