What is WSAPPX? How to Fix WSAPPX High CPU Use

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Most people, who are really intelligent, are not deceived directly by their hatemongers. Rather they are played trump cards in their backside which they come to know in the end only. In this case, personal computers are no exception. They do get deceived by many of the computing antigens and they need certain defense mechanisms to get rid of them. But some of the malware needs to be inspected in terms that they do not spoil efficient mechanisms. Yes, one such application is the presence of WSAPPX in the computer operating systems installed along with the OS and they are considered to be the consumers of space in the personal computer.

Let us know well about the application and its associated aspects. Finally, let us come to know how to fix them. So that, our personal computer can be saved from being encroached of space in the system. Before getting into its aspects, let us briefly know about the WSAPPX application. It exists in the Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems.

What is WSAPPX?


As we have earlier denoted, the WSAPPX works in the background like an app. It works to enrich the performance of the operating system. Downloading certain needed applications and updating certain existing applications for the efficient mechanism of the personal computer. But the problem is that it consumes more space in the computer processing unit. It indirectly or directly affects the efficiency and space allocation in the system.

Types of Background Services Provided by WSAPPX

Generally, the WSAPPX contains two background services. These are considered to be more critical for the system.

  • Deployment Service
  • Client License Service

The deployment service is present in both Windows 8 and Windows 10 but the Client license service is unique in Windows 10 only. There are certainly other services in the older version of Windows like the Windows store service.

Most often, the Windows Service is present in the version which does not generally have the ClipSVC.

How to Know that the WSAPPX is Running?

It is not according to the specific time that WSAPPX can download a certain program. It can be found out by running the taskbar. While running it, we can found the CPU consuming the usage nearly or equal to 100 percent. If this is the case, we can come to know that our system is updating store applications or running some other background installations without our knowledge. This can deteriorate the working efficiency of the system.

This can be disabled by turning off the automatic update mechanism in the settings in windows 10. But, before briefly explaining the fixation of the errors done by the WSAPPX, w can firstly know about the mechanism of the WSAPPX in detail.

disable auto updates

Appx Deployment Service

This is one of the mechanisms of the WSAPPX which is generally present in the Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. This service plays a critical role in the deployment of the store apps which are downloaded in the background. Therefore the name has been given.

appx deployment service

The windows store is the prime concern of this deployment service app in which all the applications related either directly or indirectly downloaded from the store are being updated by this service automatically in the background. Most of the application-based services like the Microsoft Outlook, Skype app (That do not need an update often but needs some at a particular time), games that will be updated from time to time are using this deployment service to get up to date.

Client License Service

If downloading and updating the applications is the prioritizing service, then it is more important to make sure that these downloaded applications are running properly. This management and licensing property are done by the ClipSVC service. This service helps in acknowledging the downloading apps to work without any deterrent and helps in denoting or notifying the misappropriations in the working of the operating system.


Also, if certain program or applications in the client licensing service is being run out or deleted, then the particular application does not run properly or stops functioning. So, this service is more crucial for maintaining the work metabolism of the personal computer.

Windows Store Service

This is one such service that is technically similar to the ClipSVC program which is present in the Windows 10 operating system and has certain unique functions too. It is more important to know how it is differing from the Client licensing service. Yes, the client licensing service works in maintaining the updated and downloaded apps to run efficiently which is being replicated by the Windows store service but the latter also maintains the Windows store to run efficiently. Hence the name is given to this service.

windows store services

We have seen the running of the WSAPPX program and its variety of functions using their respective tools. Here, WSAPPX is being considered as a virus or malware by most of the populations because of the behavioral ethics of the program. Yes, it is considered a hiding application that works in disguise thereby reducing the efficiency of the system. But most probably, it is not considered to be a virus as it does not threaten the functioning of the applications, rather it consumes only the disk space.

Let us discuss how to fix the error done by the WSAPPX.

Fixing the Errors:

Disk usage is the prime concern in today’s internet engulfed world as we need more information to be stored in our personal computer and if the disk space is encroached by WSAPPX in which becomes a deterrent, then the entire comfort would be in utter collapse. In that aspect, it is more important to know how to fix the errors made by the WSAPPX and its associated devices in consuming large spaces.

#1. Installing Fresh Device Drivers

The first step in preventing the enormous space consumed by the application is the installation or update of the device driver which is helpful in developing the system from being suffocated of more usage. The device drivers are not the same but distinct according to the company system you use. That is, every company has its own device driver that can be consumed in their PC manufacturing locations. After consumption you should update the PC with the latest device driver and the system should be rebooted so that it can bring a difference in the performance of the computing system.

#2. Tuning Up the Memory Lane

virtual memory

Another cause of such high CPU consumption can be the virtual memory database that can choke the performance of the computer. In order to prevent this, it needs to be managed. That is, the virtual memory should be kept at the minimum value of the RAM and it can be increased to maximum values whenever needed like the case of high memory storage. This method can be used only if the first method does not work out.

#3. Manual Operations

The third such method is a manual operation in which such downloads in the background can be prevented by turning off the automatic downloads and updating present in the performance settings. This can help in reducing the usage of the disk space unnecessarily.

#4. Scanning the System

It might not be often interrupted by the WSAPPX that can lead to high disk usage. It needs to be checked in the above way and even if the efficiency is being questioned, then it is the virus or malware that is deterring the efficiency of the system. So, it should be the time of action against the virus and it should be uprooted for efficient functioning.

#5. Call off the Store

This might be the best solution if the functioning is being interrupted by the downloads and updates despite taking the above actions. It is necessary to make the system more efficient than updating the apps and downloading the essentials from the store. Further, this is the best part of being kept out of the unwanted impact on the performance criteria.

These are certain steps that can be followed in order to improve the efficiency of the system that is being encroached by the WSAPPX system.


Actually, WSAPPX is not to be considered as an alien to the system as it comes with the operating system which is helpful in updating the program and installing and storing the apps accordingly, but only when it consumes a huge amount of memory it becomes a problem. So, it is more important to manage the WSAPPX system so that it can assist the maintenance of the operating system without deteriorating the efficiency. We might not cut the finger if the nail grows on. Similar is the case in the WSAPPX mechanism.