Where to Find Free WiFi Services in New York City?

free wifi in newyork

Wi-Fi is literally one of the best offsprings of mother internet and there’s no denying it. There are a large number of wifi hotspots (a hotspot is only a wifi passageway to connect with the Internet using your mobile) in New York City. Hotspots are found in eateries, bars, stores, and even open parks. A … Read more

Udemy Certified Top SEO Courses with Certificates

seo courses

There is a new field that is helping people to bring their business on top of the market and that is SEO. Companies are spending a large amount of money to get themselves on top of the web engine search page. Because according to some serves the business website which shows on top of the … Read more

Google Certification For The Best Digital Marketing Course

digital marketing

Who does not want to get certified with the highest of qualifications? Well, we all want that! Of course, there can be many such courses and modules that are generally offered by many such institutions and colleges. However, you really have to know, that not all of the institutions would offer the exact and the … Read more

Introduction to 3 Types of Location Tracking Techniques

location tracking techniques

Wireless geolocation monitoring signifies the different methods used to record and location tracking an object using electromagnetic waves. Any feature of the wave that varies with the location can easily be used. Methods for Location Tracking The following are the three most common methods for cellular geolocation tracking. #1. Location Using Trilateration Multilateration, generally known … Read more

The Evolving Amazon Price Match Strategy

amazon price match

Amazon has been the major trendsetter in retail, influencing the way the retail industry functions, both online and offline. The online retail giant guarantees the best prices and used to provide a long window for price change refunds. However, things have been changing in the last few years regarding the Amazon price match strategy. What … Read more