Restore Deleted Downloads Folder and Data in Windows 11

Restore Deleted Downloads

With so much information available online, it sometimes becomes challenging to keep a record of important stuff. Hence, we bookmark some sites or web pages for future reference. We also tend to download important PDFs, images, software, applications, etc. All downloaded files are stored in the Downloads folder of our Windows system. While we incessantly … Read more

5 Essential Features to Check in A Gaming PC

gaming pc

Gaming PCs are becoming more and more popular as people upgrade their old machines or build custom rigs for the first time. In addition, in recent years, the growing popularity of virtual gaming has resulted in the accelerated development of gaming peripherals. If you’re searching for a gaming PC, there are a few essential features … Read more

5 Biggest Blockchain Trends to Watch In 2022

blockchain trends in 2022

Blockchain is one of the most prevalent technologies worldwide, with implications stretching much further than cryptocurrency. Developers and tech-minded people are looking for ways of using blockchain tech to benefit the wider society. Predictions dictate that the blockchain market will rise by around 69% between 2019 and 2025, with estimates that global expenditure on solutions … Read more

A Simple Introductory Guide to Digital Photography

digital photography guide

In the United States, there are around 41,000 professional photographers. If you’re thinking about becoming a photographer, you’ll have a lot of competition. You’ll need a basic digital photography guide that will help you get started. Thankfully, you came to the right place. Keep reading for all of the top photography tips you’ll need to … Read more

Impact of Blockchain Technology in Insurance

blockchain tech in insurance

Do you have insurance for your medical bills, cars, and life insurance? But the insurance industry is not limited to this, but there are many new aspects it covers. No doubt that the insurance industry is valuable well-established still there are many problems it is facing. It includes fraud, human error, and cyberattacks. Insurance companies … Read more

Tips For Choosing a Suitable Camera For You

choose dslr camera

Capturing moments for personal photography or professional ones requires you to have a reliable camera. These days, cameras come in handy in smartphones. You don’t need to invest in the camera when you are ready to buy a smartphone loaded with many features including a high-resolution camera. This post will help you navigate your choices … Read more

Top 20 Stream2Watch Alternatives – Watch Free Live Sports

stream2watch alternatives

Like many other streaming channels, Stream2watch is an online live streaming website that serves as an open-source of many live channels. These include ABC, MTC, HBO, Animal Planet, ESPN, CNN, and many others. However, the fact of the matter is that Stream2watch is not famous for its open-sourcing of the channels mentioned above. Instead, what … Read more

The Many Great Ways Technology Can Help Streamline Your Shipping Efficiency

shipping technology

In a world of next day deliveries, highly efficient international freighting and corporate giants poised to overshadow all the competition, making sure the delivery aspect of your business is as perfect as possible might be a necessity. The logistics of shipping can be a nightmare without sufficient preparation, especially for a smaller business that may … Read more