Top 3 Cost-Effective Laptop Recommendations

cost-effective laptop

Nowadays, technology is advanced. Laptops are also of various kinds. The major manufacturers are trying to attract sales. The prices of various hardware accessories have been maximized. It is now very easy to buy a powerful laptop at a more affordable price. Today’s laptops are broadly divided into two types. One is a thin and … Read more

Best Video Editing Software for Gamers (Free)

video editing for gamers

Passionate gamers love creating gaming videos to showcase their virtual gaming skills. Many gamers have YouTube channels, where gaming videos can be uploaded. Videos uploaded on YouTube can be monetized to avail of steady income. Before uploading the videos to the YouTube channel and other video-sharing platforms, it is always important to edit the video. … Read more

How Can I Send a Fax by Google?

fax by google

Technology advancements have improved communications & information sharing up to a great extent. It has mainly taken information sharing to a new level. You can share the information in the form of messages, texts, & documents in just a few seconds across the world. Faxing is considered one of the most reliable sources for sharing … Read more

Send A Fax from Your Windows 10: Best Online Fax App 2021

send a fax from your windows 10

Although you occasionally need to send a fax, chances are you don’t have a traditional fax machine. You can opt to pay for a physical fax machine at the nearest local office supply store. However, traditional fax machines are not cheap, and figuring them out can be a pain. Also, you need to ensure that … Read more

Learn About the Future of Robotics at the RoboBusiness Conference!

robotics robobusiness conference

The annual RoboBuisness conference, where robotics industry leaders, investors, and technology developers gather to learn about trends, discuss strategies will take place on October 1–3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. This event comprises panel discussions, boot camps, presentations in three program tracks, a chief robotics officer summit, and an expo … Read more

The Challenges of Designing PCBs for Wearable Devices

designing PCBs for wearable devices

Wearable devices have become much more popular over the years as technology has improved. Of course, in each of these smartwatches and other devices are printed circuit boards that have been carefully designed by a designer. There are many challenges that come with designing a PCB for this type of device but there are ways … Read more

Converting JPG Files to PDF Provides Many Advantages

converting jpg files to pdf

Many image formats are available these days, and every format has its benefits as well as drawbacks. PDF which is known as Portable Document Format and JPG which is known as Joint Photographic Experts Group is the most widely used format. Here we will discuss the advantages of converting JPG files to PDF. Some of … Read more

Futuristic Technologies That Will Change Tracking Business

tracking technologies

Engineers today are working to make what was once thought to be theoretical concepts into a great reality. Every industry is trying to be in a better position. The logistics and transport industry that deals with tracking have not been left behind. The technological advancement in the automobile industry is aiming to use artificial intelligence, … Read more